has announced the addition of Decision Resources’ new report "How to Enhance the Value of Antiviral Therapies Through Biomarkers and Diagnostics," to their collection of Biomarkers market reports.

Technologies and drugs for hard-to-treat infections are emerging as a trend in venture-backed investments. Historically, interest in biomarker and diagnostics development for infectious diseases in the developed countries has been limited to blood screening to identify disease carriers. However, recurring influenza pandemics — particularly the most recent — have generated new interest among governments as well as pharmaceutical and diagnostics companies in tackling infectious diseases globally.

The focus of R&D now is novel technologies that can detect and define infectious disease pathogens faster and more accurately, distinguish different diseases and subtypes, and enable physicians to predict patient response to therapy. In this report, we focus on notable biomarker-based diagnostics opportunities in the antiviral market.

Questions Answered in This Report:

  • HIV/AIDS continues to be the most-studied infectious disease, and physicians surveyed by Decision Resources identified HIV/AIDS as the area of the most innovative, ongoing research. However, HIV detection is only one of the drivers of diagnostics development. What other clinical imperatives are driving diagnostics development? What imperatives are driving dealmaking?
  • Respiratory viruses and sexually transmitted infections (aside from HIV) offer unique opportunities to drug and diagnostics companies. How are diagnostics used to support further drug development in these areas? What perspectives do the dealmaking trends reveal?
  • Approximately 73% of the infectious disease specialists surveyed by Decision Resources noted that the ability to make a differential diagnosis is an important reason for using a diagnostic test in their practices. What factors do physicians consider when determining the next steps in patient management after administering a diagnostic test? How do these factors vary across indications?
  • Of the 110 antiviral biomarker/diagnostic deals we analyzed over a five-year study period, 93% were focused on diagnostics rather than on specific biomarkers. How are diagnostics addressing important unmet needs in the antiviral market?