Resonetics President Cliff Gabay addresses invitees at the official ribbon cutting ceremony at the new  facility as Mayor Donnalee Lozeau of Nashua, NH, looks on.

Resonetics LLC has relocated to a new facility in Nashua, NH, which is 50% larger than the previous facility to accommodate the significant growth of its medical division.

“Over the last few years, our company has executed the strategic plan to build a thriving medical device component business, culminating in moving to a new facility to accommodate the growth. We just simply ran out of room," says Cliff Gabay, the company’s president.

Further expansion plans call for a doubling the footprint again by 2012. The company has reserved surrounding space to meet this need.

The address of the new facility is 44 Simon St, Nashua, NH 03060.

[Source: Resonetics]