productThe Bond™-X system, a sophisticated immunohistochemistry (IHC) staining system developed by Vision BioSystems™, is now available for diagnostic use. This unique 30-slide system is the first to offer laboratories continuous batch processing that allows different batches of slides to be started and stopped independently of one another. The system provides increased laboratory throughput and different protocols can be run simultaneously. The Bond-X system is a modular system with the ability to connect up to five modules per PC, allowing for increases to a laboratory’s workload.
     This system utilizes the patented Vision covertile technology to enable small volumes of reagent to be uniformly applied over a slide without reagent carryover or dilution. This technology, combined with optimized reagents from Novocastra™, provides high-quality and reproducible staining results.
     Vision BioSystems will continue to add to its histopathology range with the launch of Peloris™ dual retort tissue processor and the Bond-maX system later this year.

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