This company now offers its DVVtest screening reagent for the detection of Lupus Anticoagulant (LA). Based on the dilute Russell’s Viper Venom (dRVVT) test, DVVtest screening reagent incorporates venom, phospholipid and calcium chloride into a single vial, providing a one-step clotting assay for the possible existence of LA. The direct activation of factor X by Russell’s viper venom bypasses the contact and intrinsic coagulation factors, excluding the interferences of factors VIII, IX, XI and XII and their respective inhibitors.
     The DVVtest screening reagent is available in two separate, ergonomic packaging configurations and features exceptional reconstituted reagent stability, 24-month shelf-life dating, rapid test-turnaround times and superior performance characteristics. In addition, DVVtest screening reagent is suitable for manual, semi-automated and fully-automated test methods and offers as many as 500 tests per kit, depending on the application procedure.
American Diagnostica, Inc.
Keywords: autoimmune, reagent