This reference lab now has regulatory approval for GCC-B1, a new blood test for the detection of recurrent colorectal cancer. This blood test is highly sensitive and specific for the detection of guanylyl cyclase C (GC-C), which is expressed by colorectal cancer cells found outside the intestine. RT-PCR is used for signal amplification. According to this lab, the GCC-B1 test detects a single cancer cell out of 10,000,000 normal cells, with on-going clinical testing demonstrating sensitivity up to 100 percent and specificity of 91 percent.
     Approximately 450,000 Americans are currently being monitored for recurrent colorectal cancer. The presence of GC-C in the blood may be an early indicator of micrometastases that could escape detection by other current methods.
     A collection kit with all of the components required for the collection and transport of patient blood specimens is available.
     This facility is not a participating Medicare/Medicaid provider; the lab provides information required by insurance but does not bill directly for this test.
Targeted Diagnostics and Therapeutics
Keywords: reference lab, colorectal cancer