These kits are suitable for quantitating Kappa- and Lamda-free light chains (flc) in serum and urine on the Beckman Coulter Immage Nepholometer as an aid in the diagnosis of multiple myeloma.
     Use of a proprietary immunization procedure, has enabled production of antisera that only recognizes free light chains (not light chains bound to the heavy chain of the immunoglobulin). Raised flc serum levels are associated with malignant plasma cell proliferation although, in this case, the flc is monoclonal. The appearance of higher levels of flc in urine may indicate kidney disease or multiple myeloma. The monoclonal urinary flc associated with lymphoid malignancy is called, Bence-Jones protein.
     The sensitivity of the serum assay is 1-2 mg/L versus SPE (²2,000 mg/L) and IFE (²150mg/L). The sensitivity of the urine assay is 0.3-0.6 mg/L versus 20-30 mg/L for UPE and urine IFE. Assays are supplied as individual 100-test kits for either Free Kappa or Free Lambda and come with 2 x 50 test vials of flc reagent, six calibrators, high and low controls and instructions.
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