Thermo Fisher Scientific Inc recently introduced new capabilities for laboratories performing a wide range of qualitative and quantitative proteomics workflows. These capabilities integrate with the full Thermo Fisher Scientific portfolio of solutions, providing laboratories with end-to-end workflows that make a deeper and broader understanding of proteomes and biological pathways possible.

“True realization of comprehensive proteomics is an enormous challenge,” said Andreas Huhmer, proteomics marketing director for life sciences mass spectrometry at Thermo Fisher Scientific. “Overcoming this challenge requires innovative tools that make proteomics analyses more comprehensive in every way. New capabilities, such as our exclusive sample preparation chemistry that targets all kinases in a proteome, will significantly increase the number of proteins scientists can find. Others such as SimGlycan software, offer much more precise characterization of post translational modifications."

New products include the Thermo Scientific Pierce Kinase Enrichment Kit with ActivX® ATP or ADP Probes, Thermo Scientific Pierce GTPase Enrichment Kit, and Thermo Scientific ActivX Serine Hydrolase Probes that enable the capture and identification of more protein and peptide classes; Thermo Scientific Pierce Peptide Calibration Mixture and Thermo Scientific Pierce PEPotec SRM peptide library, for selected reaction monitoring (SRM) assays; Thermo Scientific EASY-nLC 1000 split-free nano-flow system that increases chromatographic resolution with effortless ultra-high pressure operation; mass spectrometers; new versions of Thermo Scientific Proteome Discoverer and SIEVE software; and a new version of Thermo Scientific Pinpoint software.