Behind every sample on a slide is a laboratory professional working to ensure a correct diagnosis for the patient, every time.

Today’s anatomical pathology laboratories are being asked to be both more efficient in their workflows and to enhance patient safety through stringent monitoring of the specimen’s chain of custody. Thermo Fisher Scientific is at the forefront of providing solutions that address these demands with a comprehensive portfolio of innovative instruments, integrated software and proven consumables, all supported by the some of the industry’s most knowledgeable technical experts and an experienced customer service network.

The complete pathology workflow delivered by Thermo Fisher Scientific begins when the sample is first delivered and entered into a purpose-built LIMS system. Thermo Scientific Clinical LIMS delivers the comprehensive laboratory and patient management functionality needed by technicians involved in clinical testing.

Early in the workflow process tissues are directed to either immediate cyrosectioning or routine paraffin embedding. If immediate diagnostic results are required, fresh samples are frozen onto a specimen stage in an embedding resin and sectioned using a cryostat. The new Thermo Scientific CryoStar NX70 cryostat provides the pathology technician with unprecedented sectioning precision and ease of use, while the design ergonomics of the instrument provide for comfortable operation, no matter how heavy the diagnostic workload.

In the case of routine histology samples, a more streamlined approach to specimen processing begins with the innovative Thermo Scientific SecureSette tissue cassette. SecureSette allows final tissue orientation during the gross dissection process, saving up to 50% in embedding time. Sample identification is ensured when SecureSette is combined with the Thermo Scientific PrintMate ES cassette printer which features barcode functionality and the ability to integrate with patient records in the LIS.

The tissue sample can then be processed using the Thermo Scientific STP 420ES rapid tissue processor and embedded in paraffin using the new ergonomic Thermo Scientific HistoStar Embedding Center.

Paraffin-embedded tissue blocks are then sectioned on one of a variety of our high-quality microtomes, typically either the Thermo Scientific HM 355S or Finesse ME+ motorized microtomes.

Slides are literally the foundation of research and diagnostics and the platform for your samples. For more than 75 years Thermo Scientific microscope slides and specialty glass have provided researchers and histology professionals with peace of mind. We deliver innovative solutions, from bio-adhesive coatings, to custom printing and labeling, wells and graphics. Our custom flat glass can be engineered to meet virtually any requirement.

Sample verification continues to be an integral part of our slide technology as the compact Thermo Scientific SlideMate slide printer creates on-demand labeling directly on the specimen slide.

Following the mounting process, paraffin sections are now ready for de-waxing and primary staining. Higher throughput laboratories will use the Thermo Scientific Gemini AS automated stainer because of its high capacity, load-on-demand sample processing. Whatever staining system you choose, Thermo Scientific stains and reagents are the gold standard for creating slides with superior cellular definition.

Thermo Scientific anatomical pathology systems provide a seamless transition from specimen collection to sample processing, from sample accession to final coverslipping, ensuring that samples are always handled with a strict chain of custody and efficiently prepared for the pathologist’s review.

For the pathology lab of today, accessing the products and knowledge of the extensive Thermo Scientific anatomical pathology technical, sales and distribution team will help make your lab a lean environment with reduced errors and superior workflow efficiency.

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