Effective immediately, AccuPlace confirms signing of an exclusive global agreement with Thermo Fisher Scientific for its PSLIM slide labeler for the laboratory market.

PSLIM — now under this contract sold as SlideMate — prints specimen slides on demand and is the ideal tool to increase productivity in laboratories while eliminating errors in slide identification. SlideMate prints in direct transfer process and therefore eliminates labels, which means big cost savings in consumables. The print is resistant to most chemicals used in labs, including Xylene. About the size of a small toaster, PSLIM can easily be integrated at workstations or put on shelves on top of workstations.  It needs only power to operate, and can receive the data to be printed from various sources: LIS, bar code scanner, or manual input through plug in keyboard. Slides are held inside the unit’s side door to protect them from dust and the environment. The machine’s user interface is friendly and very easy to operate.

‘In our conversations with Lab Managers, space constraints and consumables costs were their two major concerns regarding slide identification”, says Jamie Schlinkmann, Managing Director of AccuPlace.”SlideMate addresses these issues’.

“The ability to provide print-on-demand capability at the microtome, the low cost of ownership, ease of use and easy workflow integration offer huge benefits to both small and large laboratories”, says Matthew Bell, Director of Strategic Marketing at Thermo Fisher Scientific. “SlideMate is a great addition to our product portfolio for the laboratory market.”

The partnership is an ideal fit with both companies combining to provide the highest levels of expertise – AccuPlace in automation technology, and Thermo Fisher Scientific in the laboratory market.
Source: AccuPlace