Three ways to get ahead in 2007

What you have in your hands or on your screen right now is a priceless resource, so don’t even think about throwing it away or closing the page without bookmarking it to your favorites.

Why? This is the annual Buyer’s Guide from the only clinical lab industry magazine focused on products and services—your go-to publication for information about products before you make a purchase for your lab.

That said, we are closing out 2006 with a Buyer’s Guide chock-full of products, services, and vendor listings that you can use to increase your lab’s profits and efficiency. Here’s how:

  1. Know the product or service you need but don’t know how to find it? Go to the Products & Services Index, click on Buyer’s Guide, and search for the specific product you need. Organized by category, from Accreditation and Automation to Quality Assurance and Urinalysis, this section features hundreds of product listings, along with the names of the manufacturers and their Web sites.
  2. Know the name of the company but not the products? Go to the Company Profiles. This alphabetical listing of vendors will give you phone numbers, mailing addresses, Web sites, profiles, and products from hundreds of vendors.
  3. Want to see and read about specific products for clinical labs? Product Showcase is a virtual show-and-tell.

While CLP always has been a product magazine for the clinical lab industry, in 2007 its editorial content will be even more dedicated to showing and telling you what and where to buy the products and services you need for a successful clinical laboratory operation. We hope you will be reaching for the Buyer’s Guide as well as each issue of Clinical Lab Products throughout the year.

Happy holidays, and may 2007 be your most prosperous and productive year yet.

Cheryl Woodruff