New 20-Cubic-Foot Plasma-Storage Freezer (-30°C)

Cold-Shield System

Helmer has expanded its product line to include a 20-cubic-foot plasma storage freezer (-30°C). The freezer is available in both the i.Series and Horizon Series line and offers programmable defrost times, a magnetic door closure with key latch, and a bacteria-resistant powder-coated exterior.

Helmer Plasma Storage Freezers feature the Cold-Shield System to enhance recovery performance and eliminate the need for an inner door. They also include eight stainless steel drawers and slides designed for easy operation at low temperatures. A four-shelf/four-drawer storage configuration is also available.

The i.Series line incorporates the i.Center Integrated Monitoring System, which provides advanced security and monitoring capabilities. The i.Center features password-protected configuration, automatic alarm testing, an event log with alarm dates and times, and a 24-hour on-screen temperature graph.

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Spot Xplorer XS

High-Speed Digital Camera

The Spot Xplorer XS high speed, high sensitivity, deeply cooled digital camera system from Diagnostic Instruments provides performance at both ends of biological imaging needs. The camera delivers 14-bit megapixel images at up to 11 full frames per second, and as low as 4.5 electrons read noise for fast event tracking. It also offers selected dual-speed readout featuring Sony’s ICX285 high Quantum Efficiency CCD (>60% QE), and it includes a user-selectable Enhanced IR response mode.

The Xplorer XS camera delivers regulated –42ºC cooling without diode glow, providing virtually noise-free, long-exposure fluorescent results. The Spot Xplorer XS Slider digital camera provides both sensitive monochrome images and vibrant color images. Spot Imaging Software and a wide range of driver support is also offered for other high-end biological analytical imaging software packages.

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Drugs-of-Abuse Reagents

For Olympus Chemistry Analyzers

Carolina Liquid Chemistries introduces a complete line of drugs-of-abuse reagents for Olympus chemistry analyzers. All reagent kits contain pre-filled Olympus R1 and R2 bar-coded cartridges. The test menu includes: oxycodone, cocaine, methadone, THC, opiates, benzodiazepine, amphetamines, PCP, propoxyphene, barbiturates, alcohol, salicylates, cotinine, ecstasy, and acetaminophen. These reagents are also compatible with Roche Modular, Bayer Advia, and Abbott C8000 chemistry analyzers.

Prefilled bar-coded cartridges make running drugs of abuse easy and error free. Bar-coded reagents eliminate the need to assign reagent positions and program other reagent information. These bar codes track the lot number, expiration date, and calibration frequency. Pre-filled cartridges eliminate aliquoting and labeling of empty reagent containers.

These immunoenzymatic assays are very stable. Calibration stability is 7 days, and on-board stability is 30 days. The bar-coded feature allows the use of the within-lot calibration feature, which reduces calibration frequency. Carolina’s multi-analyte calibrator allows the calibration of multiple tests from a single calibration cup, streamlining the calibration process.

Carolina offers a complete line of calibrators and controls. A variety of calibrator cutoff points, such as Opiates 300 and 2000, and THC 50 and 100, are available to meet all laboratories’ needs and comply with the National Institute on Drug Abuse. Also available are multipoint calibrators for producing quantitative results. Three levels of controls for all analytes are available.

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