photoThis line of Vertical Mini-Gel Systems is designed specifically for mini SDS-Page, mini 2-D electrophoresis, mini-agarose gel separations, and other small-format electrophoresis applications.
    The small size systems are useful for rapid analysis of samples in short supply. They also reduce the use of expensive reagents needed for gel formation and running buffer. The systems accommodate a variety of commercially available precast gels. Available as either single or dual units, these systems have a gel plate size of either 11.3 (w) x 10.0 (h)cm or 10.0 (w) x 8.0 (h)cm and can accommodate several comb materials, thicknesses and well densities.
     Dual units allow the running of two mini-gels simultaneously under identical buffer conditions and feature a cooling chamber with coolant recirculation ports. Standard features include silicone gaskets to prevent buffer leakage, safety cover with attached power leads and platinum electrodes.
     Units include glass plates, spacers, comb(s) and clamps. Teflon and sharkstooth combs, PVC spacer sets and frosted glass plates for use with agarose gels are available as accessories.
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