The CaptSure DIY ELISA technology from Expedeon, Heidelberg, Germany, and Cambridge, UK, is designed to significantly reduce time and improve flexibility and sensitivity for the development of enzyme-linked immunosorbent assays (ELISAs). Initially developed by TGR BioSciences, the technology was acquired by Expedeon in May 2018.
According to an industry survey, the global immunoassay market was worth approximately $1.6 billion to $1.7 billion in 2017.Among the market segments analyzed for the report, ELISAs were the most widely performed immunoassay procedures, with the majority of users focusing on biochemistry, cell biology, cell signaling. immunology, and molecular biology.

The CaptSure DIY ELISA technology is expected to be widely adopted by both new and existing users within the academic, diagnostic, and industrial test development market segments.

“Expedeon’s mission is to challenge convention in laboratory workflows in high-value application areas, simplifying and accelerating processes by developing and supplying innovative technologies,” says Heikki Lanckriet, PhD, CEO of Expedeon. “Time efficiency, cost-consciousness, and high reproducibility play an essential role in scientists’ everyday life. CaptSure DIY ELISA empowers researchers to streamline their workflows within the immunoassay development process to expedite potentially game-changing discoveries.”

Immunoassay workflows are often long, costly, and tedious processes that include reagent additions, incubations, wash steps, detection, and data management. Variable results from such complex workflows further increase R&D costs in both the private and public sectors. Nevertheless, immunoassays, including ELISAs, have become a gold standard method in research as well as in the diagnosis of infectious diseases and chronic conditions, guiding subsequent treatment decisions.

Powered by Expedeon’s proprietary technologies CaptSure and Lightning-Link, CaptSure DIY ELISA addresses the limitations traditionally associated with ELISA assays while enabling users to assay multiple samples on a single plate, realizing both time and cost savings. Moreover, researchers are able to increase throughput and improve data consistency, thereby significantly improving the efficient transfer of assays from development into high-throughput screens.

The CaptSure DIY ELISA kit comprises a ready-to-go assay plate precoated with the CaptSure antibody, specific for the CaptSure peptide. Lightning-Link technology enables users to quickly and easily conjugate their capture antibody to the CaptSuree peptide also supplied in the kit. Once added to the plate, the CaptSure antibody and peptide pair immobilize the immune complex to the plate. The technology provides a solution to many of the common issues that researchers face, and brings Expedeon closer to its mission of eliminating bottlenecks in discovery processes and thereby expediting research.

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