RidgeRidge Diagnostics Inc, San Diego and Research Triangle Park, NC, recently presented the latest data from a clinical study for MDDScore™, its proprietary blood test for Major Depressive Disorder (MDD), at the annual Psychiatric and Mental Health Congress during a poster session titled: Serum Biomarker Panel Expression in Adolescent and Young Adult MDD Patients and Healthy Non-Depressed Subjects.

The MDDScore blood test, for the first time, according to the company, provides physicians with biological information derived from physiological changes associated with MDD.

By adding a quantitative, biological basis, the blood test results are intended to augment the clinical interviews used for neuropsychiatric diagnosis and patient management.

“We are pleased to be able to report new clinical findings, which will contribute to expanding the application of Ridge’s MDDScore blood test to the adolescent and young adult population,” says Lonna J. Williams, CEO.

Antidepressant drugs are the most frequently prescribed medication in the United States today, where depression strikes more than 19 million people each year—more than coronary artery disease, cancer, or AIDS.

Objective, biological test information about depression may aid physicians in the diagnosis of MDD, leading to the selection of proper treatment and effective management of their patients.

Ridge Diagnostics is a neurodiagnostic company developing and marketing blood-based tests to diagnose and monitor neuropsychiatric disorders. The portfolio of neurodiagnostic blood tests are based on a proprietary Human Biomarker Library and technology platform. The testing services are provided by the Ridge-owned CLIA laboratory.

[Source: Ridge Diagnostics]