Grifols Diagnostic Solutions, Barcelona, Spain, has received FDA approval for its Procleix Panther system with automation-ready technology for use with the company’s US-licensed Procleix Babesia assay, Procleix Ultrio Elite assay for hepatitis B and C and human immunodeficiency virus 1 and 2, Procleix West Nile virus assay, and Procleix Zika virus assay.

Diagnostic Solutions, Grifols Diagnostic Solutions.

Carsten Schroeder, Grifols Diagnostic Solutions.

Adding to the Procleix Panther System, automation-ready technology offers significant hardware and software improvements, such as instrument networkability and information sharing, that support blood banking operations of all sizes. The technology offers increased control over workflow and personnel utilization, and it enables simplified user management through the connection of multiple instruments to a track system for automated sample handling.

“FDA approval provides another important recognition for Grifols and its commitment to offer innovative solutions to our US customers, especially during these trying times where increased automation may allow key laboratory personnel to be allocated to other priority tasks,” says Carsten Schroeder, president and chief executive officer of Grifols Diagnostic Solutions. “As market leaders in the donor screening segment, Grifols will continue to partner with blood banks worldwide as part of our mission to improve patient well-being and blood safety.”

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