ProteoGenix, Strasbourg, France, has created a human immune covid-19 antibody library for the fast discovery of potent antibodies against SARS-CoV-2.
“Highly sensitive and specific antibodies are critical for the development of diagnostics, therapeutics, and prophylactics to fight against covid-19,” says Philippe Funfrock, cofounder and president of ProteoGenix. “The new human immune covid-19 antibody library developed by ProteoGenix represents an exciting opportunity to solve the current pandemic.”

Created using blood samples from dozens of recovered covid-19 patients, the library is adapted for screening with phage display and strives to meet the rising demand for effective antibodies for a broad range of applications. The library’s diversity (1.2 x 1010 different clones), combined with fast turnaround time and the sensitivity of the screening technology, is intended to fast-track the discovery of antibodies with the strongest affinity, specificity, and viral blocking activity.

“Compared to hybridoma technology, phage display saves time by allowing us to directly screen highly diverse human antibody libraries,” says Raphaël Hopfner, cofounder and chief scientific officer of ProteoGenix. “In addition, when developing therapeutic antibodies, this technique also helps us reduce the time to market by avoiding complex antibody humanization processes.”

Within 8 weeks or less, clients can receive three to 10 unique and royalty-free antibody sequences with an optimal affinity.

For more information, visit ProteoGenix.