Harvard Apparatus Pump 33 DDSSyringe Pump
Features dual independent channels
The Harvard Apparatus Pump 33 dual drive system from Harvard Apparatus, Holliston, Mass, features two independent pumping channels controlled by an intuitive touchscreen interface. The multipurpose syringe pump employs advanced syringe mechanisms that include a tight gripping, secure syringe clamp that accommodates syringe sizes from 0.5 µl to 60 ml. The system offers enhanced flow performance with ± 0.25% accuracy and smooth flow from 1.02 pl/min to 106 ml/min.
Harvard Apparatus
(800) 272-2775; www.harvardapparatus.com


Mastercontrol logo high resSoftware Validation Software
Automates transfer performance testing
MasterControl, Salt Lake City, has launched the transfer performance qualification (TPQ) system, which automates a previously cumbersome portion of the software validation process—a requirement for highly regulated companies. The key for TPQ is in the “transfer,” meaning MasterControl will conduct all of the testing. Through the common cloud environment, and with preconfiguration in place for existing customers, any testing performed by MasterControl will match the customer’s actual production environment and configuration.
(800) 825-9117; www.mastercontrol.com


Torrey Pines CO20 Column OvenHPLC Column Oven
Facilitates temperature regulation
The EchoTherm high-performance liquid chromatography column oven model CO20, from Torrey Pines Scientific Inc, Carlsbad, Calif, offers a temperature range from room temperature to 90.0°C, readable and settable in increments of 0.1°C. The proportional–integral–derivative temperature control software regulates temperature accuracy and stability to within ±0.1ºC. A stable temperature indicator lamp on the front panel illuminates when the chamber temperature is stable at ±0.2ºC of the target temperature.
Torrey Pines Scientific
(866) 573-9104; www.torreypinesscientific.com


Air Science Purair RXDuctless Balance Hood
Eliminates bypass leakage
The Purair RX from Air Science USA, Fort Myers, Fla, is designed to protect the user and the environment from hazardous powders and particulates that are generated on the work surface. The unit features an optional SafeSwitch filter shutter system for safer bag-in/bag-out filter exchange. It also includes filter clamping that eliminates bypass leakage, an exhaust canopy for thimble ducting to the facility exhaust system, and an airflow monitor with a built-in low airflow alarm. The hood is available in 24-, 36-, and 48-inch models.
Air Science USA
(800) 306-0656; www.airscience.com

[Misc supplies]

TTP Labtech sol-R microplatesMicroplates
Developed for microscope-based imaging devices
TTP Labtech Ltd, Cambridge, Mass, has launched sol-R microplates, designed to amplify the productivity gains delivered by laser-scanning fluorescence cytometers by enabling users to deliver data faster. Due to plate flatness stringencies and the optical clarity of the film, the microplates have been developed for use with and seamless transfer between microscope-based imaging devices. The microplates are validated for use with TTP Labtech’s acumen and mirrorball cytometers, and are available in sterile and tissue culture-treated, or non-sterile, non-tissue culture-treated formats.
TTP Labtech
(617) 494-9794; ttplabtech.com


Goze antimicrobial coverAntimicrobial Cover
Offers smartphone protection
The Goze antimicrobial cell phone case from Goze Products LLC, Brooklyn, NY, is a self-cleaning device that protects smartphones from picking up germs at work. Invented during a hospital stay, the case is specifically designed to protect persons who deal with blood, germs, saliva, and other fluids. The case has a coating that kills bacteria and microbes, and is designed to amplify the smartphone’s speaker by up to 250%. Designed for both Apple and Samsung model smartphones, the cases are available in black, dark blue, green, light blue, and red.
Goze Products
(718) 927-0912; gozezone.com


Vigilant Biosciences OncAlert product lineOral Cancer Tests 
Uses oral saline rinse
The OncAlert oral cancer product line from Vigilant Biosciences Inc, Fort Lauderdale, Fla, includes the OncAlert oral cancer rapid test and the OncAlert oral cancer lab test, available in countries accepting the CE mark. The tests are based on technology that accurately measures CD44, a tumor-initiating and stem cell-associated biomarker, and total protein levels—markers clinically validated to be associated specifically with oral cancer. The tests are optimized for easy use by collecting samples via an oral saline rinse, and are performed via either a point-of-care lateral-flow assay or a laboratory kit.
Vigilant Biosciences
(954) 487-1740; vigilantbiosciences.com


BBI Solutions SCIPAC imageClinical Specimen Panels
Facilitate assay development
BBI Solutions (BBI), Cardiff, UK, has launched Scipac clinical specimen panels, quantitative panels of clinical specimens collected from multiple donors of known genotype. Panels include hepatitis, human immunodeficiency virus, and syphilis. Adding to BBI’s biobank portfolio, the panels can assist research and development and quality control (QC) departments with their QC testing to assess proof of concept experiments when developing new assays for infectious diseases. Materials are undiluted, virally tested, and do not contain preservatives. Samples are collected and manufactured with ethically approved protocols and with the consent of the donor.
BBI Solutions
(608) 310-4105; www.bbisolutions.com


BD Veritor Plus module out with cassetteWireless Diagnostic Device
Streamlines POC workflow
BD, Franklin Lakes, NJ, has launched its next-generation wireless rapid diagnostic system for detection of group A Strep, influenza A and B, and respiratory syncytial virus (RSV), with new traceability and secure patient health record documentation features and functionality. The system is designed to streamline point-of-care (POC) diagnostic workflow and enables providers to quickly review patient results to assist in determining the appropriate treatment in a single consultation. The enhanced documentation functionality includes user ID, specimen ID, and test kit lot to improve traceability, which decreases manual documentation.
(201) 847-6800; www.bd.com


Thermo Fisher TaqPath ProAmpPCR Master Mix
Suited for high-throughput genotyping
Thermo Fisher Scientific, Waltham, Mass, has launched the Applied Biosystems TaqPath ProAmp polymerase chain reaction (PCR) master mix. The versatile master mix was developed for high-throughput genotyping and copy number variation protocols requiring accurate results from samples containing PCR inhibitors. Designed to deliver sensitive and reproducible results from genomic DNA targets, the master mix is available in two formulations: TaqPath ProAmp multiplex master mix with mustang purple for multiplexing up to four targets, and TaqPath ProAmp master mix, which includes ROXTM as the passive reference dye.
Thermo Fisher Scientific
(800) 955-6288; www.thermofisher.com