Gram Staining Kit
Automatic classification of tissue samples
Automated for use on the BenchMark Special Stains instrument, the Gram Staining Kit from Ventana Medical Systems Ventana Gram Positive and Negative Lt GR_250Inc, Tucson, Ariz, aids pathologists in the most basic classification of bacteria into Gram-positive and Gram-negative bacteria in fixed tissue samples. Gram stain classification is clinically useful because it provides an initial indication of the nature of a patient’s infection, but is among several histochemical special stains still run manually today in labs around the world. The automation of the stain gives pathologists an efficient method to perform this assay, enabling them to achieve increased productivity, consistency, and testing quality.
Ventana Medical Systems Inc
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Freezer Inventory and Sample Management Software
Expanded configurability and flexibility
Freezerworks?Dataworks Development, Mountlake Terrace, Wash, expands configurability over previous systems by Dataworks Freezerworks example screenimproving screen design and layout and adapting the shipping processes to the workflow of an individual lab, biobank, or repository. A redesigned interface improves the process of developing and printing reports, and adds flexibility for subtotaling and inventory counts. Personalized dashboards with integrated search functions allow users to print reports and labels, check aliquots in and out, export data to spreadsheets, prepare batches for shipping, and batch update records.
Dataworks Development
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Information Management System
Data analysis and results reporting
The SoftMolecular information management system from SCC Soft Computer, Clearwater, Fla, allows pathologists, geneticists, and forensic scientists to manage data and analysis stemming from current molecular testing methods in order SCC SoftMolecular325to generate accurate interpretations and meaningful reports. The robust application enables users to streamline workflows, interface with automated instrumentation, manage patient and family cases, track?sample storage, and?control inventory. The?reporting functionality provides accurate data analysis?and results reporting?capability that facilitates comprehension?of results from complex testing. Features?such as enterprise-wide reporting enable users to track completion of tests, including remaining/pending tasks, while daily manager worklist queues assist managers in keeping their technologists informed about daily fluctuations of workload.
SCC Soft Computer
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Laboratory Information Management Software
Alternate browser compatibility
Version 11 of the STARLIMS software-based laboratory information management system from Abbott, Abbott Park, Ill, multi platform Media & Applicationsexpands user functionality to include mobile device applications, advanced analytics, and HTML5 compatibility. The updated software offers iPad and iPhone- compatible touch controls; provides two new control libraries for desktop computers and mobile devices; and allows users to create forms to run system-wide on Chrome, Safari, and other browsers for tablets and smart- phones. Existing extensible forms description language (XFDL) forms running on Internet Explorer continue to be the primary platform, but users may create proprietary HTML5-based forms to run on alternative browsers.
Abbott Laboratories
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Cell Imaging Multimode Reader
Compact magnification
The Cytation 3 cell imaging multi-mode reader by? BioTek, Winooski, Vt, combines automated digital?microscopy and BioTek_Cytation3 2 300conventional multimode microplate?detection in a single modular, compact instrument. For any application requiring increased magnification, 40x and 60x objectives are now available options for the Cytation 3. Such higher magnifications allow easy imaging of bacteria, yeast, and subcellular structures such as mitochondria. Additionally, 35-mm, 60-mm, and 100-mm Petri dishes are now compatible, for expanded sample vessel convenience. Cytation 3’s Gen5 data analysis software offers broad image analysis capability, and Gen5 software editions include options for 21 CFR Part 11 compliance or in vitro diagnostics use. Cytation 3 can be integrated with BioTek’s BioStack 4 microplate stacker to increase throughput of lidded and unlidded microplates.
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Wi-Fi Temperature Data Logger
215-degree Centigrade range
TandD TR-71wf temperature data logger300
The Wi-Fi-based two-channel temperature data?logger (Model TR-71wf) from T&D Corp, Santa Fe,?NM, comes with a measurement range of -40°C to?110°C with the supplied sensor. An optional fluoropolymer-coated sensor offers a range from -60°C to 155°C. Measurements?are available in Centigrade or Fahrenheit. The device interfaces easily with a smartphone or tablet and can be configured and operated without a PC, uploading data to T&D’s cloud-based WebStorage service. A free ThermoWeb app is compatible with both IOS and Android. Users can also sign up for alert emails.
T&D Corp
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8-inch Bins
Wide front for easy access
Akro-Mils ShelfMax250
Designed for shelving systems and vertical carousel automated storage retrieval systems, these extra-large ShelfMax8 bins from Akro-Mils, Akron, Ohio, feature a wide hopper front for easy access and a built-in rear hanglock to permit full access to contents even when tilted outward on shelving. The oversized label area can accommodate a 2-inch-high adhesive label as well as multiple labels for divided bins holding multiple SKUs. A new divider design allows for more secure bin partitions, easier installation, and removal of optional width and length dividers. Available in red, blue, yellow, and clear.
(800) 253-2467;

Cross-Stacking Tubs
Easy stacking and storage
Akro-Mils Cross-Stack Akro-Tub250
The latest cross-stacking tub (25 inches L x 16 inches W x 8.5 inches H; model 34305) from Akro-Mils, Akron, Ohio, has a capacity of 9.75 gallons and 1.25 cubic feet. A lid (model 34005) is also available to protect contents. Designed from FDA-sanctioned materials, Cross-Stack Akro-Tubs feature grooves that allow stable, 90-degree stacking. Molded handles provide comfortable lifting, while reinforced walls help withstand wear and tear. Compatible with standard 36-inch shelving units and conveyor systems, these plastic tubs also nest when empty to conserve storage space. Available in gray, blue, or natural.
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Prognostic Lung Cancer Test
Survival indicator for patients and physicians
A new test for patients with early-stage lung adenocarcinoma can? help determine a patient’s risk of dying from lung Blank boxcancer within? 5 years. The myPlan Lung Cancer test from Myriad, Salt Lake City, is an RNA expression panel of 31 cell-cycle-progression genes that,? in combination with tumor staging information, can help physicians ?decide which patients should receive surgery alone and which may ?need more aggressive therapy. In a large validation study, patients ?with a high-risk myPlan Lung Cancer score had nearly twice the rate ?of lung cancer deaths (35%) as patients with a low-risk score (18%). Findings published in Clinical Cancer Research have shown the test is the strongest independent predictor of survival for early-stage lung cancer patients as compared to the conventional clinical variables of disease progression.
(801) 584-3600;

Breast Cancer Recurrence Monitoring Program
Evaluates 50 cancer-associated genes
The ClearID Breast Cancer monitoring ?program from Cynvenio, Westlake? Village, Calif, aims to replace “watch?ful waiting” Cynvenio ClearID250with new blood-based ?genomic information to regularly? check for breast cancer recurrence? and help form individualized treatment plans, if necessary. A less invasive option for genomic analysis over a traditional tissue biopsy, the test uses a standard blood sample to detect the presence or absence of CT-cells that may still be invisible through standard mammography. If the cells are elevated, ClearID assesses 50 common cancer-associated genes covering more than 4,500 genetic mutations. Patients and their physicians receive a comprehensive, actionable genomic report detailing the types of mutations present, a summary of the available targeted therapeutic options, and open clinical trials that may be suitable for the patient based on the identified mutations.
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Interference Test Kit Components
Simple assay evaluation
The Assurance interference test kit components from Sun Diagnostics, New Gloucester, Me, are available for individual Sun Diagnostics Assurance interference test250sale and in customer-defined combinations, addressing the need for laboratories and manufacturers to simplify the evaluation of assays for common interferents. Components include human-sourced triglyceride-rich lipoproteins to evaluate lipemia interference; human hemolysate to evaluate hemolysis interference; human albumin and human gamma-globulins to evaluate protein interference; and conjugated and unconjugated bilirubin to evaluate Icterus interference. With flexibility to purchase a single vial of interferent, multiple vials of one interferent, a customer-defined kit, or INT-01, which contains all of the common interferents, laboratories and manufacturers can customize their orders to meet their unique testing needs.
Sun Diagnostics
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HIV-1/2 Test
Catch infection earlier
The Determine HIV-1/2 Ag/Ab Combo test from Alere, Waltham, Mass, is the first FDA-approved rapid point-of-care test Alere HIV test 250that detects both HIV- 1/2 antibodies and the HIV-1 p24 antigen, which can appear days after infection and prior to HIV-1/2 antibodies. By permitting individuals to learn of their HIV status earlier, the test may reduce transmission and allow patients to begin treatment earlier. It simultaneously identifies free HIV-1 p24 antigen as well as antibodies to both HIV-1 and HIV-2 in human serum, plasma, and venous or finger-stick whole blood specimens. Alere Determine HIV 1/2 Ag/Ab Combo is currently available to all health facilities and laboratories that are licensed to conduct tests of moderate complexity under the CLIA program.
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Estrogen Receptor Breast Cancer Markers
Assess ER status on a computer monitor
The presence or absence of estrogen receptors (ER) in cancer cells plays a critical role in breast cancer treatment. The Ventana ER (SP1) image analysis algorithm 275companion algorithm ER (SP1) from Ventana Medical Systems, Tucson, Ariz, can semiquantify ER status, permitting pathologists to read and score the biomarker on a computer monitor instead of a microscope. The algorithm is FDA-approved for use with the Ventana iScan Coreo scanner running Virtuoso software. Ventana’s full breast panel includes HER2 (4B5), PR (1E2), Ki-67 (30-9), and p53 (DO-7) image analysis algorithms along with their corresponding IHC assays.
(520) 887-2155;

Breast Cancer Detection
BRCA1 and BRCA2 genetic-mutation testing
The BRCAvantage test from Quest Diagnostics, Madison, NJ, hunts for mutations in the BRCA1 and BRCA2 genes, which Quest BCRA Avantage 250have been linked to high degrees of risk for hereditary breast and ovarian cancer. An estimated 5% to 10% of female breast cancers are due to inherited gene mutations, with BRCA1 and BRCA2 gene mutations the most commonly identified cause. Using next-generation sequencing and multiplex ligation dependent probe amplification, the test identifies all published deleterious mutations in BRCA1 and BRCA2. Patients can submit blood samples for the four lab-developed genetic tests at one of Quest’s 2,100 care centers. Quest will also provide access to third-party genetic counselors for clinicians and patients and a free preauthorization service that helps expedite access to insurance coverage.
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Ultra-Fast HER2 Scanner
Access digitally stored images
The HercepTest is a common, semiquantitative immunohistochemical assay using conventional microscopy for Philips Digital Pathologydetermination of HER2 protein to assess treatment options for breast cancer patients. With the Her2/neu IHC Digital Manual Read from Royal Philips, Andover, Mass, pathologists can evaluate HER2 status by viewing digitally stored images on a computer monitor. Based on the Philips Digital Pathology Solution platform, this ultra-fast scanner digitizes HercepTest stained tumor tissue slides for rapid viewing, scoring, and analysis management. The Her2/neu IHC Digital Manual Read has received FDA clearance for marketing in the United States.
Royal Philips
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