Todos Medical, Rehovot, Israel, and Meridian Health Services Network, Highlands Ranch, Colo, have formed a partnership to deploy covid-19 testing programs throughout the United States. As part of the agreement, Todos will be working with Meridian to help supplement covid-19 testing products and services for its network of brick-and-mortar and mobile laboratories nationwide. Meridian successfully completed Clinical Laboratory Improvements Amendments validation testing for Todos’ antibody test.

“As we continue to design and implement covid-19 testing programs, it has become clear that the quality and strategies behind testing are critical to achieve measurable outcomes for our members,” says David Bloom, president of Meridian Health Services Network. “This partnership is an important step as we engage with state and local governments, as well as our existing self-insured employer groups and health services networks seeking solutions for the deployment of covid-19 testing. Nationwide, testing is moving out of the realm of being solely focused on symptomatic patients, and as a result we have developed innovative, compliant solutions to make testing easy, accessible and well-coordinated for our members.”

“This partnership with Meridian is a validation of our testing platform because it allows Todos to supply a full set of PCR and antibody testing solutions for covid-19 to a nationwide health network that will be administering testing solutions for employers, school systems, communities of faith, as well as others, across the United States,” says Gerald E. Commissiong, president and CEO of Todos Medical. “We believe that covid-19 testing will become an integral aspect to daily life for the next 12 to 24 months in the United States that may require periodic testing in conjunction with safe, reliable, and effective therapeutic or preventative solutions available to the US population. As a result, Meridian provides us with an ideal platform to fully integrate our solutions with a nationwide health network that will be administer testing for many clients as the US economy prepares for Back to School and the related Return to Work activities that will occur in the summer and fall of 2020.”

For more information, visit Todos Medical and Meridian Health Services Network.