Atik Cameras, a specialist designer and manufacturer of advanced scientific and industrial imaging solutions, has launched the first camera in its Apx series of high-resolution complementary metal oxide semiconductor (CMOS) sensors. 

The Apx60 is intended for applications that demand large-format images with outstanding detail such as microscopy, spectroscopy, printed circuit board (PCB) inspection, flat panel screening, colorimetry, neutron imaging, luminescence/fluorescence, and astrophotography.

The large CMOS sensor employs 61,043,840 pixels over a 43.3-millimeter diagonal sensor. With no amp glow, the Apx60 comes with a back focus of 17 millimeter ±0.5 that can be reduced to 9.5 millimeter ±0.5, reliable cooling to –35°C delta, a 521-megabyte memory buffer, and anti-condensation and anti-reflection optics to increase transmission.

The Apx60 can be supplied with a wide range of custom options, through the collaborative customization service Atik offers with each solution. For example, the Apx60 can be supplied with an industrial “K” grade sensor, guaranteed for continuous use, with an in/out trigger as standard. The case can also be adapted to suit specific requirements, or customers can opt for a simply supplied PCB board set solution.

Atik provides a comprehensive software development kit with expert integration assistance. In addition, all production takes place in Atik’s ISO-9001 accredited European manufacturing facilities.

“With positive feedback from those with prototypes, our R&D team are already working with original equipment manufacturer customers to tailor the Apx60 to their exact specifications, bringing customization to the forefront of advanced imaging solutions,” says Panos Kapetanopoulos, PhD, Atik Cameras director.

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Featured Image: The Apx60 camera features a complementary metal oxide semiconductor sensor. Photo: Atik Cameras