retic-chexlinearityThe Retic-Chex® Linearity from Streck, Omaha, Neb, designed to establish the patient reticulocyte reportable range and linearity, is now assayed for the Sysmex® XN-Series (XN-10 & XN-20).

The accuracy of hematology instruments can be verified by comparing the laboratory’s reportable range with Retic-Chex Linearity assays with instrument-specific values for reticulocyte percentages.

Verification may be necessary when a new instrument or reagents are introduced, daily controls reflect an unusual trend or shift outside of the lab’s acceptable limits, major instrument maintenance occurs, or essential parts are replaced.

Values are also assigned for Coulter DxH™ 800, LH 500, LH 750/LH755, LH 780, STKS™ /MAXM™ /HmX; Abbott CELL-DYN® 3200, 3500/3700, Ruby®, and Sapphire®; and Sysmex XE-2100™, XT-2000i™/XT-4000i™.

Retic-Chex Linearity is available in five-level sets with 3.0-ml plastic cap-pierceable vials. Closed-vial stability is 105 days, and open-vial stability is 5 days.

[Source: Streck]