Siemens Healthcare Diagnostics, Tarrytown, NY, is preparing to present a variety of scientific posters at AACC.

Topics include an evaluation of photometric methods on the company’s Advia Chemistry XPT system, analytical and clinical performance of the Immulite 2000 thyroid-stimulating immunoglobulin assay, and a comparison of cardiac troponin specificity between the Stratus CS Acute Care diagnostic system and the Vitros 5600 integrated system.

Scientific posters will be on display for the full day on Tuesday, July 28, and Wednesday, July 29, in the exhibit hall. Authors will present their poster from 12:30 pm until 1:30 pm on their appointed day.

The following represent the spectrum of scientific posters from Siemens:

A-089. Early Performance Evaluation of a New Intact PTH Assay on the Siemens Advia Centaur Systems in Comparison to a Previous Assay Generation.

A-324. Performance and Certification of the Advia Centaur Vitamin D Total Assay.

B-043. Performance Evaluation of a New Fructosamine Assay to Measure Serum Glycated Protein on the High-Throughput Advia Chemistry Systems.

A-066. Development and Performance of a LOCI Testosterone Assay on the Dimension Vista System.

A-087. Development of a Vitamin D Total Assay Using LOCI Technology on the Dimension EXL Integrated Chemistry System.

A-090. Analytical and Clinical Performance of the Immulite 2000 TSI Assay.

B-339. Improved, Simple, Accurate Tacrolimus Assay without Manual Extraction for the Dimension RxL and EXL Systems.

B-057. Evaluation of Electrolyte Performance on the Siemens Advia Chemistry XPT System.

B-049. Evaluation of Photometric Methods on the Siemens Advia Chemistry XPT System.

B-365. 95% Confidence Intervals for the Enhanced Liver Fibrosis (ELF) Test.

A-198. A Validation Study for the Quantitative Measurement of Prothrombin Time/International Normalized Ratio (PT/INR) test on the Xprecia Stride Coagulation Analyzer for Warfarin Monitoring.

B-052. Comprehensive Correlation between Siemens Point of Care and Central Laboratory Blood Gas Systems and Advia 1800 Clinical Chemistry System for Electrolytes and Metabolites.

A-013. Reduction of False-Positive Bilirubin Results on the Clinitek Novus Automated Urine Chemistry Analyzer.

B-280. Evaluation of Siemens Immulite and Clinitest hCG Assays for Recognition of hCG Variants in Urine.

A-043. Comparison of Performance: Siemens Clinitek Novus Urine Analyzer and Clinitek Advantus Urine Analyzer.

B-259. Comparison of Cardiac Troponin Specificity between the Stratus CS Acute Care Diagnostic System and the Vitros 5600 Integrated System.

B-201. Performance Evaluation of New Solid Sample Types and Extraction Protocols on the Fully Automated Tissue Preparation Solution.