International medical imaging, information technology, and cybersecurity company Sectra, Linköping, Sweden, has signed a digital pathology contract with Geneva University Hospital. A digital workflow enables pathologists to review and collaborate around cases in a way that is not possible with a microscope. It reduces variation and increases efficiency in primary diagnostics, thereby improving areas such as cancer care.

Geneva University Hospital is the largest of five university hospitals in Switzerland and handles approximately 35,000 pathology examinations per year.

“The digital pathology solution from Sectra is easy to use. Its robustness is crucial since we use it for primary diagnostics and handle large volumes,” says Laura Rubbia-Brandt, MD, PhD, professor and head of the pathology department at Geneva University Hospital. “The digital advantages and the possibilities for integrated diagnostics will enable us to meet future demands and continue to provide the best possible care for our patients.”

With digital images of tissue samples instead of physical glass slides, pathologists are able to instantly access and share current and historical images and information between departments and hospitals. The digital solution provides pathologists with assistance at critical decision points, such as grading or performing more precise measurements. It also enables image analysis, which in turn reduces variation and improves the precision of tasks such as cell counting. Digital access also facilitates second opinions, external reading resources, and specialist consultations.

For further information, visit Sectra.