photoThe Spot RT Monochrome camera combines high-speed, video-like viewing with low-noise image capture. Interactive real-time viewing with adjustable analog gain provides composition of dim images on the computer screen, while a separate circuit captures low-noise high-resolution images.
   Specifications include Kodak scientific grade KAI-2092 CCD, 19 fps at 760 x 540 resolution and 12-bit, 6MHz readout at 1520 x 1080 resolution. Cooling to –37ºC from ambient can ensure low-noise operation. A broadband-coated UBK7 window is standard, and fused silica or infrared blocking windows are optional.
   A standard feature of the camera is Spot software, which allows operators to view the image in real time and then capture a high-resolution image. The software also features advanced editing, sequential imaging, calibration mark insertion, feature measurement, image archiving and report generation. Drivers for third party software packages also are available. Diagnostic Instruments