Helmer Scientific, Noblesville, Ind, a leading supplier of cold storage and processing equipment, has launched its new line of GX Solutions professional medical-grade refrigerators with OptiCool cooling systems.

The refrigerators have been designed to meet the unique needs of critical healthcare applications, including the storage of medications, vaccines, blood, and patient samples. The units deliver optimized control in three important areas: temperature management, noise management, and energy management.

GX Solutions refrigerators offer healthcare providers optimized temperature management in three areas: uniformity, where temperatures are maintained within ±1° C throughout the unit; recovery, where the unit temperature recovers faster after door openings; and stability, where there are fewer temperature deviations from the set point. Optimization of all three parameters ensures that products are safely stored anywhere within the unit, at the right temperature, and without fluctuations or rapid temperature changes. Such temperature management is critical to safeguard sensitive clinical and scientific products.

GX Solutions have also been designed to combat high noise levels in hospital and healthcare settings. Noise output of the units is nearly one-twentieth the intensity of conventional medical-grade refrigerators, improving their usability in patient care and staff work areas.

The GX Solutions units are Energy Star certified, and are more than 50% more energy efficient than conventional medical-grade refrigerators. Additionally, the units’ reduced heat output permits facilities to place refrigerators in small work areas while limiting HVAC system impact.

The performance characteristics of GX Solutions refrigerators are achieved through the use of Helmer’s OptiCool cooling system, which pairs a variable capacity compressor (VCC) with natural refrigerants. The VCC creates a system that uses intelligent sensors to monitor operating conditions. When the door of the unit is opened, the VCC runs at a higher speed to deliver optimal temperature performance. When the temperature stabilizes, the VCC runs at a lower speed, resulting in lower energy consumption.

The systems use environmentally friendly natural refrigerants that are aligned with the significant new alternatives policy (SNAP) of the US Environmental Protection Agency, and the European Union’s F-Gas regulation. In additional to enabling improved energy efficiency, such refrigerants also have no impact on ozone depletion, and decrease global warming potential to support sustainability initiatives.

“These products reflect our commitment to continuously innovating temperature-controlled products for our healthcare customers across the globe,” says Brian Hoaglan, scientific low-temperature products R&D manager at Helmer. “We are excited to introduce technology that maintains our commitment to quality, reliability, and performance, while making significant improvements in noise and energy use.”

GX Solutions are part of the Helmer Scientific portfolio of medical-grade storage solutions. They are currently available in undercounter pharmacy, blood bank, and laboratory models. For further information, visit Helmer Scientific.

Featured image: GX Solutions models iPR105-GX-C and HPR105-GX from Helmer Scientific.