Biochrom, Holliston, Mass, has added two new products to its Libra visible spectrophotometer portfolio, the Libra S4+ and S6+ spectrophotometers. Compact, lightweight, and ergonomically designed, the devices each include a large display and simple user interface for rapid setup and analysis. The Libra S4+ is an entry-level visible spectrophotometer for labs performing basic spectroscopy measurements. The Libra S4+ takes single-wavelength measurements of absorbance, % transmission, and concentration, and has the ability to perform simple kinetics. The Libra S6+ builds on the features of the Libra S4+ with the addition of multiwavelength measurements and life science methods that include BCA, Bradford, Biuret, and Lowry methods for protein quantification. Both instruments accept standard 10 mm pathlength glass or disposable cuvettes. For more information, visit Biochrom.