Vela Diagnostics, Singapore, has announced the availability of the Sentosa SQ Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer (NSCLC) panel and the Sentosa Colorectal Cancer (CRC) panel for next-generation sequencing (NGS)-based detection of sequence variants for research use only by early-access customers. These panels are the latest in the series of NGS oncology panels launched by Vela Diagnostics. Both panels target 11 highly relevant genes with 28 amplicons. The NSCLC panel allows laboratories to check for 113 mutations, while the CRC panel enables simultaneous screening of 112 mutations. With a turnaround time of only 2 days, the Vela Diagnostics NGS tests offer a very high throughput in comparison with conventional tests. The automated Sentosa NGS workflow supports DNA extraction, library preparation, sequencing, and comprehensive result reporting, allowing for seamless sample tracking and IT connectivity to ease information transfer and sample traceability. For more information, visit Vela Diagnostics.