SinguLab, a leading provider of turnkey diagnostic-based solutions for the healthcare industry, has announced enhancements to its suite of capabilities and services that assist clinical providers in the effective treatment and management of urinary tract infections (UTIs). The SinguLab UTI Management Solution now supports molecular-based UTI diagnostic testing in combination with existing diagnostic workflows, operations support, software technologies, and logistics services. This innovation helps providers gain new advantages in both the speed and accuracy of UTI diagnosis, treatment, and antibiotic stewardship in facilities.

Urinary tract infections are some of the most common sources of complex infections, especially in long-term care settings. The CDC reports that 20% of all reported infections within a long-term care setting are UTIs and constitute 50% of all antibiotic use. Traditional culture-only detection methods take days to deliver critical insights, leading to delays in effective treatment and the improper selection of therapies. When not treated effectively, UTIs create extensive patient risks to vulnerable populations, including risks of infection spread, sepsis, side effects from antibiotic therapy, and recurring infections.

SinguLab UTI Management Solution clients can now access the UTI PROx panel from AccessDx Laboratory, one of SinguLab’s many CAP-accredited and CLIA-certified partner laboratories. UTI PROx provides molecular results for 34 of the most common and clinically significant UTI pathogens within hours of sample receipt by the lab, and then subsequently combines incremental insights from culture and antibiotic sensitivity (AST) analysis. By incorporating both molecular and culture-based diagnostic processes, UTI PROx assists clinicians to make more informed decisions for the effective treatment and management of both complex and recurrent UTI cases.

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UTI PROx joins an already robust suite of modular capabilities in the SinguLab UTI Management Solution. SinguLab clients can access end-to-end electronic workflows for streamlined ordering and reporting, integrate antibiotic stewardship programs, incorporate personalized medication management capabilities, and utilize national support services. In addition, eligible facilities in the SinguLab LTC Partner Program can benefit from onsite logistics and other programmatic support that help to reduce operational and staff burdens.

SinguLab’s UTI Management Solution also assists care organizations in meeting the challenges from the growing risk of treatment-resistant pathogens. The CDC has warned of an alarming rise of candida auris cases, primarily throughout nursing homes. Candida auris’ detection is often hindered by days using traditional detection methodologies, leading to an increased risk for infection spread. With molecular testing technologies such as UTI PROx, facilities detect candida auris within hours from sample receipt at the lab, along with confirmatory data via culture as available – enabling clinicians to get both a fast and complete picture that aids in effective treatment and infection prevention.

The SinguLab UTI Management Solution is available to clinical partners across the United States.