Hamilton Storage SAM_HDSample Management System
Facilitates automated low-capacity biobanking
The Sam HD from Hamilton Storage, Franklin, Mass, is a low-capacity automated sample management system designed to be a reliable walkaway solution for labs seeking to transition from manual to automated sample storage. To maximize lab productivity, the system is capable of processing samples throughout the day or outside of typical work hours. Models are available for storing samples at +4°C, ?20°C, ?40°C, and ?80°C, with capacity up to 60,000 tubes in standard racks, or 86,250 tubes using high-density RackWare from Hamilton Storage. Sam HD aims for easy programming, including chain-of-custody permissions, via a user-friendly touchscreen PC monitor with Instinct S software.
Hamilton Storage
(800) 648-5950; www.hamiltoncompany.com


Emanate refrigerationArtificial Intelligence-Based System
Fine-tunes healthcare refrigeration monitoring
Emanate Wireless, Cleveland, Ohio, has launched an enterprise tier to its software subscription offerings for the company’s PowerPath platform. PowerPath temperature monitors are compact, wireless devices targeted at healthcare refrigeration assets. Emanate Wireless’s artificial intelligence-based machine learning and analytics software converts the raw data from these monitors into actionable information to help organizations save money, lower risk, and improve quality of care. The product uses wi-fi and Bluetooth, deploys in minutes, and monitors both the device’s power consumption and temperature using a wired or wireless temperature probe.
Emanate Wireless
(844) 362-6283; www.emanatewireless.com


Product range, Sartocon Slice Self Contained Unit, CrossflowFiltration Assemblies
Suited for safe vaccine, protein purification
Polyethersulfone membranes from Sartorius Stedim Biotech (SSB), Göttingen, Germany, are now integrated into two new, sterile Sartocon benchtop and production-scale filtration assemblies. The assemblies support rapid and safe ultrafiltration of biologics and vaccines. Their fully enclosed design makes the assemblies well suited for safely purifying vaccines and recombinant proteins, as well as for manufacturing monoclonal antibodies. The self-contained filter loop assembly has been developed for use with SSB’s unique control unit, the FlexAct UD. The Sartocon slice self-contained bag loop assembly has been designed for SSB’s benchtop crossflow system, Sartoflow Alpha plus SU.
Sartorius Stedim Biotech
(800) 368-7178; www.sartorius.com


Biotek cytationImaging, Microplate Reading Instrument
For live cell assays
BioTek, Winooski, Vt, has been granted US patent 9,557,217 for imaging and microplate reading using a single instrument. The intellectual property protected by the patent is used in BioTek’s line of Cytation cell imaging multimode readers. Cytation offers brightfield, color brightfield, fluorescence, and phasecontrast imaging up to 60x, and multimode detection optics that include absorbance, fluorescence intensity, luminescence, and such advanced measurements as fluorescence polarization, time-resolved fluorescence, and AlphaScreen. Cytation systems are suited to live cell assays, with incubation to 65°C, shaking, plus available CO2/O2 control. Gen5 microplate reader and imager software controls all imaging and multimode instrument operations.
(888) 451-5171; www.biotek.com


ZEISS Celldiscoverer 7 Automated Platform for Live Cell ImagingAutomated Microscopy Unit
Offers high flexibility
The Zeiss Celldiscoverer 7 from Carl Zeiss Microscopy, Thornwood, NY, was developed to combine the user-friendly automation features of a boxed microscope with the image quality and flexibility of a classic inverted research microscope. The unit can be adapted to a whole range of tasks and applications. The system comes with various incubation and detection options, and can be tailored to labs’ individual needs. Users can choose from a range of microscope cameras for live cell experiments and rapid time-lapse recordings. Additionally, the Zeiss Axiocam 512 mono microscope camera’s 12 mp resolution and large field of view allow fluorescence screening.
Carl Zeiss Microscopy
(800) 233-2343; www.zeiss.com/celldiscoverer


Miltenyi Biotec ReAfinityRecombinant Antibodies
Developed for flow cytometry
Miltenyi Biotec, Bergisch Gladback, Germany, has expanded its antibody portfolio and now offers more than 500 new ReAfinity recombinantly engineered antibodies  optimized for flow cytometry. A strictly standardized antibody production process starting from a defined DNA sequence ensures high purity and lot-to-lot consistency. In addition, the recombinant antibodies do not display mixtures of heavy and light immunoglobulin chains. Certain site-specific mutations are introduced into the antibodies to eliminate nonspecific binding of antibodies to Fc receptors, thereby avoiding background signals. Additionally, they all have the same IgG1 isotype.
Miltenyi Biotec
(530) 888-8871; www.miltenyibiotec.com


BBI Solutions PLE Image - UrinalysisPorcine Liver Esterase Enzyme
Available for urinalysis applications
BBI Solutions, Cardiff, UK, has launched porcine liver esterase (PLE), a new enzyme for urinalysis, now available to sample. PLE is used in urinalysis controls as a partial substitute for human leukocyte esterase and can provide a cost-effective alternative. It acts on water-soluble carboxyl esters containing short-chain fatty acids. Assay control manufacturers can use PLE to detect the presence of white blood cells and other abnormalities associated with an infection of the urinary tract. The enzyme is BBI’s first in the urinalysis space, and extends the company’s product portfolio to cover an even wider range of controls.
BBI Solutions
(800) 423-8199; www.bbisolutions.com


Virostat ChlamydiaMonoclonal Antibodies
Specific to Chlamydophila pneumoniae
ViroStat, Portland, Me, has introduced three new monoclonal antibodies that are specific to Chlamydophila pneumoniae and do not crossreact with the related bacteria C. trachomatis and C. psittaci. The antibodies function in enzyme-linked immunosorbent assays and immunofluorescence assays and are candidates for rapid test applications. C. pneumoniae is a gram-negative bacterium that infects humans, commonly causing atypical pneumonia, bronchitis, and pharyngitis. It is also implicated in causing coronary artery disease. It is an obligate intracellular pathogen whose resistant elementary body form exists between human and animal hosts. As such, cell culture is required to isolate it.
(207) 856-6620; www.virostat-inc.com


Glass Solutions Lab glasswareReady-Made Glassware
Designed for laboratory applications
Glass Solutions, Cambridgeshire, UK, offers a portfolio of ready-made laboratory glassware, including beakers, condensers, reaction vessels, separating funnels, and test tubes. Each design can be rapidly reproduced and tailored to an individual client’s particular needs, whether a one-off piece or a batch of glassware is required. For those occasions when a custom solution is required, the company also offers a bespoke design and glass-blowing service, using its knowledge and skills to turn novel ideas from a scale drawing into carefully crafted laboratory items.
Glass Solutions
(617) 848-1211; www.glass-solutions.com


Millipore SteritestSymbio Pump Accessories
Enables faster sterility testing
MilliporeSigma, Billerica, Mass, has introduced a set of Steritest Symbio pump system accessories that accelerate and streamline sterility testing workflows. The new accessories address testing challenges in various laboratory settings and are designed to enhance safety and convenience during filtration, sample handling, and waste management, as well as canister transport, incubation, and reading. The accessories also increase usable space for testing and integrate seamlessly with the Steritest Symbio LFH pump, Symbio ISL pump, and Symbio Flex pump in laminar-flow hoods, cleanrooms, and isolators.
(800) 645-5476; www.emdmillipore.com


Valumax limited use apparelLimited-Use Protective Apparel
Promotes range of movement
A line of limited-use, protective apparel manufactured by Valumax International, New York, NY, features custom-developed, proprietary materials, and breathable nonwovens in novel configurations. The product line seeks to provide maximum personal protection and contamination control without compromising comfort or range of movement. The Valumax line encompasses coveralls, lab coats and jackets, scrubs and gowns, shoe and boot covers, gloves, masks, wipes, and other products, with hundreds of styles available in a wide range of sizes to assure proper fit and protection for all personnel.
Valumax International
(212) 247-7276; www.valumax.net


Streck ARM-D KitAntibiotic Resistance Monitoring, Detection Kits
Detects more than 450 ?-lactamase gene targets
Streck, Omaha, Neb, has introduced a new line of antibiotic resistance monitoring and detection (ARM-D) kits. The Streck ARM-D kits for ampC and ?-lactamase are multiplex real-time polymerase chain reaction kits that can detect more than 450 ?-lactamase gene targets. The kits are designed to detect the carbapenem-resistant Enterobacteriaceae genes currently on the urgent threat list of the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, as well as additional emerging threats. The Streck ARM-D kits are a genotypic detection method that can be used to identify the most prevalent types of ?-lactamase-based antibiotic resistance. For research use only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.
(800) 843?0912; www.streck.com


LGC Maine Standards SP2Rheumatoid Factor
Added to calibration verification, linearity test kit
LGC Maine Standards, Cumberland Foreside, Me, has added rheumatoid factor (RF) to its Validate SP2 calibration verification and linearity test kit. Validate SP2 evaluates albumin, C-reactive protein, haptoglobin, prealbumin, and RF in a human serum base. Each kit is prepared using the Clinical and Laboratory Standards Institute recommended “equal delta” method for linearity testing and is liquid, ready to use. Users simply add the product from the dropper bottle directly into a sample cup and run in replicates. With the addition of RF, clinical laboratories can complete their required serum protein calibration verification and linearity testing, and maximize the reportable range while minimizing manual dilutions.
LGC Maine Standards
(800) 377-9684; www.mainestandards.com


Mercedes Medical DOA Drug CupMultidrug Test Cup
Optimized for drugs of abuse urine screening
Mercedes Medical, Sarasota, Fla, has been expanding its line of drug screening products. According to the company, the Tanner Scientific drugs of abuse multidrug test cup was the first in the line, and continues to be a strong performer after more than a year in the market. Used to screen for the presence of various drugs and drug metabolites in urine, the cup is a competitive immunoassay with waived complexity categorization under the terms of the Clinical Laboratory Improvement Amendments of 1988. When the test is activated, urine is absorbed into each test strip by capillary action, mixes with the respective drug monoclonal antibody conjugate, and flows across a precoated membrane. Test results are available in 5 minutes, and the flat test window makes for easy photocopying.
Mercedes Medical
(800) 331-2716; www.mercedesmedical.com


BD Veritor PlusInfluenza Immunoassay 

Meets FDA’s performance requirements for RIDTs
FDA has reclassified antigen-based rapid influenza virus antigen detection systems (RIDTs) intended to detect influenza virus directly from clinical specimens from Class I devices into Class II devices subject to special controls. BD, Franklin Lakes, NJ, has announced that its BD Veritor system Flu A+B, a digital immunoassay for the rapid detection of influenza, meets the new FDA performance requirements. The now Class II BD Veritor system Flu A+B test became available in 2011, and is the same test used on the new BD Veritor plus system, a next-generation wireless rapid diagnostic system for detection of influenza A and B, group A Strep, and respiratory syncytial virus.
(201) 847-6800; www.bd.com