Health Diagnostic Laboratory Inc (HDL) announces its partnership with Michael F. Richman MD, FACS, founder of the Center for Cholesterol Management in Los Angeles, and its combined effort to reverse the alarming increase in chronic diseases.

"One in two people die from heart disease every year," said Dr Michael Richman. "This is more than the next seven causes of death combined, including cancer. It is the number one cause of death in American women." One of the major risk factors for cardiovascular disease is high cholesterol and it is also the most treatable. Yet traditional cholesterol testing fails to identify up to 40-50% of the population at risk for cardiovascular disease and death.

The launch of the partnership between HDL Inc and Dr Richman represents a combined effort to advance the preventative model for chronic disease management, based on a recent monumental shift in the way physicians test for life-threatening conditions.

Dr Michael Richman is a cardiothoracic surgeon and leading expert on cholesterol management and advanced lipoprotein testing. He is the national heart health examiner for and also the cholesterol expert for WebMD.

Known for performing the most comprehensive cardiovascular screening available in the United States, Dr Richman’s work is credited as standing above all other premier cardiovascular centers. "This type of testing not only tests cholesterol levels the traditional way but also uses NMR-based advanced lipoprotein testing to identify everyone at risk," stated Richman. "Research shows that testing lipoproteins can save lives of people who would otherwise be under the impression that they were healthy."

Having recently added the most comprehensive diagnostic testing performed by HDL, Dr Richman is now able to detect risk factors predisposing patients to cardiovascular disease earlier than ever before possible. As a result, he is able to individualize the appropriate therapy for patients, before it’s too late.

"The bottom line is that we provide scientific evidence that proves the value of comprehensive test menus that reveal risk factors and biomarkers for cardiovascular and related diseases," said Tonya Mallory, CEO and founder of Virginia-headquartered HDL. "By partnering with Dr Michael Richman, our advanced laboratory will further demonstrate how a systematic approach to identifying factors contributing to disease provides a better basis for effective treatment plans."

Source: HDL Inc