Integrated Diagnostics announced that Dr Albert Luderer has been appointed by the Board of Directors to serve as CEO.

Dr Luderer was previously president and CEO of BioTrove, a venture-backed molecular biological tools company that was acquired by Life Technologies in December 2009. He brings to Integrated Diagnostics an extensive track record of leadership in medical diagnostics, laboratory medicine and therapeutic development.

Integrated Diagnostics, which raised a $30 Million Series A in September 2009, is an emerging leader in developing personalized and preventive diagnostics. The company uses genomic and proteomic techniques to identify blood proteins that are only synthesized in the organ of interest and then identifies subtle changes that result from disease or treatment. By monitoring concentrations of these proteins in the blood, disruptions in healthy function can be detected and traced back to the diseased organ.

"With a unique technology platform and access to Lee Hood’s research into protein blood markers, Integrated Diagnostics is on the leading edge of diagnostics," said Dr Luderer. "The company has all the elements necessary for success: potentially game-changing science, novel technology platforms, a world-class scientific team and visionary investors. I am very excited to be working with this extraordinary group to develop novel diagnostic tools to help patients and physicians detect disease in its earliest stages."

The company’s proprietary protein panels are applicable to many diagnostic modalities including early detection of disease, stratification of disease types, and monitoring disease progression and recurrence. The company’s technology is pertinent to a broad scope of diseases, including cancer, diabetes and Alzheimer’s disease.

"Al’s proven record in diagnostic development and commercialization will be essential to Integrated Diagnostics as we advance our diagnostics platform and develop the next generation of tools for diagnosing and preventing disease," said Dr Leroy Hood, founder of Integrated Diagnostics and president of The Institute for Systems Biology (ISB). "Al’s experience as a successful scientist and entrepreneur will be critical to leading the company and advancing a health care environment that is predictive, preventive, personalized and participatory."