Applied Imaging, UK, a Genetix Group plc company, has introduced the GSL-120 slide loader, a solution for processing large batches of cytogenetic slides without user intervention.

It is used with the company’s CytoVision system to provide an integrated cytogenetic imaging-and-analysis solution. The unit fully automates the process, which may enhance productivity for cytogenetics labs.

“Automated solutions for scanning and imaging vastly improve productivity, digitized analysis is more accurate and consistent than traditional microscope examination and electronic, digital data capture enables connectivity without geographic boundaries,” said Julian Burke, PhD, the company’s chief scientific officer.

The loader features high-quality image capture using an automated oiling system, an integrated bar code reader, and automatic data handling with trainable selection classifiers.

The company’s technologies are bringing new efficiencies to biopharmaceutical and biomarker research from target discovery through to clinical diagnosis. Its customer base includes many of the world’s top biopharmaceutical, cytogenetic, and cancer-pathology groups.