Journey Biosciences, Inc., a biotechnology company offering biomarker-based predictive risk screening technologies for diabetes-related complications, announced the launch of its flagship product NaviDKD.

NaviDKD, a biomarker-based blood test, proactively assesses the risk of kidney disease in people with diabetes years before clinical signs or symptoms appear in patients. Along with its proprietary Compass reporting platform, NaviDKD provides actionable insights for preventing and managing kidney complications before they occur.

This screening technology provides an early read on the risk of developing kidney disease for people with diabetes, giving them and their doctors time to take preventative action and improve outcomes. 

“For the one-in-three people with diabetes who will develop diabetic kidney disease, NaviDKD provides an opportunity to fundamentally change their ultimate health outcomes,” says Adam Graybill, chief executive officer of Journey Biosciences. “By identifying those at elevated or high risk of developing DKD before any symptoms or clinical indications, the conversation between doctor and patient can focus on taking proactive, preventative action instead of reacting to an unwanted diagnosis.”

Journey Biosciences received CLIA certification for its lab in August 2022 and all NaviDKD blood samples are processed in this Cleveland, Ohio-based lab. 

Journey Biosciences is a United States-based biotechnology company dedicated to improving diabetes care. The company is focused on identifying blood-based predictive biomarkers and developing clinically validated, laboratory developed tests (LDTs) that identify and rate a person’s risk level for developing complications from diabetes.

Both healthcare professionals and people with diabetes can learn more and request NaviDKD online.

Featured image: NaviDKD, a scientifically-proven predictive screening solution for diabetic kidney disease (DKD). Photo: Journey Biosciences