Intrivo, a United States-based health-tech company, has launched On/Go, an at-home, rapid COVID-19 antigen self-test designed to deliver results with 95% accuracy in just 10 minutes. 

On/Go, which has received emergency use authorization from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, is a self-test with a companion app that guides users step-by-step through testing. 

In addition to direct-to-consumer and enterprise sales, Intrivo was also awarded a U.S. Department of Defense contract to distribute tens of millions of On/Go tests to 25,000 locations across the United States that are among the most vulnerable populations in need of rapid testing solutions. These locations include nursing homes, homeless shelters, National Guard sites, military bases, and community testing sites. 

For population managers, On/Go offers an AI-powered platform designed to provide an end-to-end, testing-to-tracing, COVID-control solution. The On/Go companion app is available now for free on iOS and Android and allows for the viewing, tracking, and sharing of test results. In response to high demand and current shortages of antigen tests, On/Go is available for both consumers and enterprises, and Intrivo is rapidly ramping up its U.S.-based production. Made in the United States, On/Go is available for delivery at, Amazon, and

“Given the widespread COVID-19 testing shortages, it’s more important than ever that we’re providing a holistic testing-to-tracing solution that’s highly reliable, quick, affordable, and easy to use,” says Reeve Benaron, founder and co-CEO of Intrivo. “As a parent, businessman, and huge sports fan, I understand how COVID-19 has disrupted all aspects of daily life. We’re excited to provide a trusted and accessible solution that will help contain this pandemic and help our loved ones and communities get back to living their lives to the fullest.”

To test with On/Go, users tap their phone to start the app, gently swab their lower nostril, and take a quick snapshot of the test cassette with their phone camera. They are provided personalized guidance and support based on their results. 

The On/Go app includes a unique, secure digital passport that includes current test results and vaccine records that can be used to gain access to restaurants, businesses, live events, and travel. On/Go also leverages individual test results to offer population level insights in real time, which can help organizations such as businesses, hospitals, and schools stay ahead of COVID-19 and reduce costly shutdowns. 

“Despite initial hopes, it’s clear that neither vaccines alone nor current diagnostics solutions can solve the COVID-19 crisis,’” says Ron Gutman, co-CEO of Intrivo. “Thanks to the tireless commitment of our world-class team of scientists and technology leaders, we’re ready to disrupt COVID-19 for good. Together, the On/Go test and companion app are helping individuals and organizations everywhere get back to doing the things they love immediately, confidently, and cost-effectively.”

For population managers, Intrivo also offers a new Diagnostics as a Service (DaaS) package to help automatically administer tests directly, identify and track pandemic outbreaks, and manage outbreaks in real-time with targeted, personalized interventions.

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Featured Image: The On/Go COVID-19 Antigen Self-Test can provide results in 10 minutes. Photo: Intrivo