Los Angeles-based LigoLab announced that its direct-to-consumer platform TestDirectly is a full-service option that clinical laboratories can use to support covid-19 school surveillance testing. The company says the TestDirectly platform makes it easy for medical labs to manage patient engagement, sample collection, and medical testing while automating result reporting to patients, schools, and government agencies. To date, the TestDirectly network, made up of laboratories and collection centers throughout the United States, has collected, processed, and reported nearly seven million covid-19 tests. 

“For schools to reopen safely, they will need a laboratory testing partner that can help them organize and manage their testing while also providing fast and accurate test results,” says LigoLab CEO Suren Avunjian. “Laboratories that can connect directly with the patient are uniquely positioned to play a leading role in any school district covid-19 mitigation strategy.”

As school districts work to welcome back students, teachers, and staff members for in-person learning, there is a critical need for covid-19 surveillance testing. For clinical laboratories interested in partnering with school districts, TestDirectly offers an all-in-one software solution that can integrate with any LIS and be implemented within a matter of days, and that can support the scheduling of testing events, test collection, automated patient notification, and patient result reporting. 

With TestDirectly, school districts can organize and create testing events based on school location and patient types (student, teacher, staff) by uploading patient demographics into the school’s administrative portal via a CSV file or other integration. School administrators can also monitor test orders and test results in real-time, as can the CDC and other government agencies.

Once the patients have been uploaded into the system, an administrator can begin to create testing events based on variables like patient location and patient type. After setting up a testing event, the platform can prepare a batch testing event either by generating all of the specimen labels at once or by automatically sending an email notification to each patient, inviting them to create a TestDirectly account. For parents with young children, the system can tie the parent’s email address to the child’s account, giving the parent the ability to log in and view their child’s test results as they are available.

TestDirectly is a user-friendly patient engagement software as a service (SaaS) platform that enables healthcare organizations to scale their diagnostic services by increasing testing accessibility, providing better service, and delivering faster and more convenient reporting. The platform is HIPAA compliant, integrates with all medical software systems (LIS, RCM, EMR), and removes many labor-intensive aspects of patient and organizational testing. The efficiencies created by TestDirectly give these organizations the ability to test more patients while getting results out faster.

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