Macromoltek, Austin, Texas, is using computational de novo design capability to speed up the development of human monoclonal antibodies for the potential treatment of covid-19.
Traditional in vivo methods test for the likelihood of producing an antibody that triggers the body’s immune system to fight against pathogens. Computational (in silico) design allows for rapid iteration around potential solutions without the unique variables that traditional in vivo subjects may possess.

Also, scaling up an in silico project is faster, simpler, and easier than traditional drug design programs. In silico techniques can be developed and delivered remotely, and they do not require the onsite presence needed for traditional wet labs.

“As we face a global onslaught from covid-19, computational de novo design techniques will lead the charge for rapid design iterations and faster drug development,” says Monica Berrondo, chief executive officer of Macromoltek. “The longer it takes to develop effective therapeutics, the worse the impact on society.”

Macromoltek is already working with some of the world’s most trusted pharmaceutical companies and is continuously looking for partners to support drug development.

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