BIOMERICA Inc has introduced its new Allerquant 14E™ food allergen specific IgE ELISA kit. The product is for the in vitro quantitative analysis of IgE antibodies to 14 food allergens in human serum and has been designed to correlate with Pharmacia CAP®. The Allerquant 14E kit contains the following food allergens: almond, cheddar cheese, clam, codfish, cow’s milk, crab, egg white, tuna, peanut, sardine, shrimp, trout, walnut, and wheat. Severe IgE-mediated food reactions affect approximately 1.5% of the population. These can be extremely serious and may be life threatening. IgE-mediated food-allergy reactions appear almost immediately (within 2 hours) after ingestion of an offending food. Symptoms may take the form of swelling of the lips or throat, sudden and violent skin rashes, vomiting and other gastrointestinal problems, sudden asthmatic breathing, and anaphylactic shock. Shellfish and peanuts are the most common allergens that can result in severe reactions in adults.

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