Microscopy image acquisition and analysis

MetaMorph® software from Olympus America Inc, Center Valley, Pa, offers image-capture, viewing, and analysis capabilities for research microscopy. The software is compatible with a wide variety of the most widely used CCD cameras and accessories, offers multiple configurations, and boasts streamlined functionality for image capture and viewing with both fixed and live cell applications. Acquisition integrates the microscope, software, and various hardware devices into a single, easily customizable interface. Image-analysis capabilities range from simple intensity logging to advanced morphometry analysis, colocalization, FRET, 3D measurements, and more. Additional wizard-like modules handle advanced tasks like counting nuclei or assessing cell cycle phases.

Olympus America Inc
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Wipe-on label printer/applicator

Tharo Systems Inc, Brunswick, Ohio, introduces the Tharo PA500w Wipe-On Label Printer/Applicator, designed for accurate, moderate, to high-speed labeling to the top or side of a product. The PA500w is capable of printing and applying more than 100 labels per minute, and is delivered with a product sensor and controller to ensure accurate label placement on the product. A wipe-on brush ensures proper adhesion to smooth, flat surfaces as well as uneven surfaces, and users can apply labels from 3 x 1 inches to 4½ x 7 inches to a variety of materials, such as cartons, tray and blister packages, bags, and cans.

Tharo Systems Inc
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QC connectivity for the clinical laboratory

Bio-Rad Laboratories Inc, Hercules, Calif, launches UnityConnect™, a complete connectivity solution using Bio-Rad software and optional hardware to interface QC data from instruments, middleware, and LIS’s directly into Unity Real Time™, Unity Desktop™, UnityWeb™, and Unity Real Time™ online to provide QC data processing. It automates the import of QC data, thereby eliminating manual data entry and errors, and also can provide QC results in real time. It facilitates regulatory compliance under CLIA and ISO 15189 by allowing QC data to be easily interfaced directly into any of Bio-Rad’s Unity QC data-management solutions. Unity QC data-management solutions provide statistical process control with available audit trails, QC data review, and comprehensive charts and reports.

Bio-Rad Laboratories Inc
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Symyx Notebook

Electronic lab notebook

Symyx Technologies Inc, Santa Clara, Calif, offers Symyx Notebook, a new, enterprise electronic laboratory notebook (ELN) that is configurable to meet the needs of biologists and analytical chemists out of the box. It helps simplify lab operations and lower costs by enabling R&D organizations to replace multiple discipline-specific ELNs with a single, multidiscipline application that is deployable enterprisewide. Built on an enterprise-scale informatics platform, it consolidates experimental data from multiple domain areas into fully versioned, shareable, and searchable documents controlled by customizable document workflows with secure document versioning, electronic signatures, and audit trails. Features include the full software developer kit that permits rapid creation of custom functionality and extensions, including incorporation of third-party software; searching and browsing enabled via full-text searching of data-entry forms, experiments, embedded files, and annotations; Boolean searching of data-entry forms quickly narrow result sets; improved consistency and streamlined editing of experiments; ability to drag-and-drop files and annotate experimental data and images; single application to deploy and maintain minimizes IT setup while facilitating systems management and integration; new functionality and third-party add-ins automatically downloaded from the server when needed; and Citrix® compatibility, facilitating remote access and enabling operation with Microsoft® Windows®, Mac OS®, and Linux® operating systems. The product uses the company’s Vault document management platform, which supports document browsing and searching; 21CFR11-compliant electronic signatures and audit trails; enterprise-level security; and configurable, flexible document workflows with secure versioning for single- and multisite deployments.

Symyx Technologies Inc
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Novovision Inc, Princeton, NJ, introduces Hosted NovoPath™, a software-as-a-service solution for its AP-lab workflow-management, specimen-tracking, and reporting platform. It helps eliminate a site’s capital expenditures for IT hardware and support by deploying and maintaining software on a central Novovision server with user access over the Internet. No special on-site hardware or software is needed, and the system performs on users’ high-speed Internet connections. It can be customized to meet a lab’s needs and is automatically upgraded and maintained by the company’s IT workforce. All information processing and data storage is handled by remote NovoPath hardware, configured for business continuity and disaster protection. NovoPath offers a range of physician-communications options, including direct interface with an electronic medical record (EMR) system for digital communication of test orders and results. The product is offered for an all-inclusive monthly fee.

Novovision Inc
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