Automated Recapping System

Pneumatics-free, high-speed, benchtop recapper

The new KapSafe™ Automated Recapping System from LGP Consulting Inc, Wood River, Ill, is an automated, pneumatics-free, high-speed, benchtop recapper designed to safely and automatically recap tubes for storage or archiving. The system, which has a small footprint (24 inches wide x 24 inches deep x 33 inches high), automatically recaps all standard vacuum collection tubes (13 to 16 mm diameter, 75 to 115 mm height) at speeds of up to 1,400 tubes per hour. The system protects lab workers from repetitive motion injuries associated with manual recapping. The archiving caps fit tubes from 13 to 16 mm in diameter, and enable repeated automated decapping and recapping. The system provides walkaway operations with a hopper capacity of 4,200 archiving caps, and an input capacity of up to 20 multiple types of racks including major instrument-specific racks with various-sized tubes in each rack.

LGP Consulting Inc
(618) 251-9246

Software Module for epMotion PC

Allows for safe data exchange with LIMS

epBlue ID from Eppendorf North America, Hauppauge, NY, is a software module for epMotion PC versions that allows the epMotion to be employed in application areas requiring process documentation. epBlue ID allows for safe data exchange with laboratory information management systems (LIMS) and simplifies external communication. The bar code scanner enables the user to record bar codes on every container type, including a wide range of tube types and microplates. Reagents can be documented with type and lot number. After scanning the bar codes, epBlue ID will store the scanning data in its database from where data can be rechecked at any time. A result file containing sample IDs and their final location is generated by epBlue ID when the liquid-handling process is completed. The result file can then be exported to a network drive and uploaded from a LIMS.

Eppendorf North America
(800) 645-3050

Multidiscipline System

Offers high capacity and increased throughput

Using ADVIA Automation Solutions from Siemens Healthcare Diagnostics, Tarrytown, NY, labs can maximize productivity through expanded capacity and enhanced automated lab management. This multidiscipline system offers high-capacity and increased throughput, and fully integrates with specimen processing management, centrifugation, and decapping. The plug-and-play approach for adding or switching instruments and components allows each system to evolve as labs’ needs change. ADVIA Automation Solutions gives labs more options and greater stability for their automation investment.

Siemens Healthcare Diagnostics
(914) 631-8000

StreamLAB Automation Solutions

Scalable multidiscipline architecture

Siemens Healthcare Diagnostics, Tarrytown, NY, offers StreamLAB® Automation Solutions, which helps labs streamline their workflow by automating manual steps with flexible, compact configurations for efficient space utilization and minimal lab disruption during implementation. Its flexible and scalable multidiscipline architecture allows a lab to evolve with changing needs as new technologies become available, including the ability to enhance lab management by easily connecting other Siemens analyzers. StreamLAB Automation Solutions also enables labs to create one of the most comprehensive menus available, and reduce the need to send samples out for additional testing.

Siemens Healthcare Diagnostics
(914) 631-8000

Sample Management Technology

Increase workflow efficiency for chemistry and/or immunoassay testing

The VersaCell System from Siemens Healthcare Diagnostics, Tarrytown, NY, offers sample management technology that works differently from other systems to increase workflow efficiency for chemistry and/or immunoassay testing. It is a compact, robotic system that connects up to two stand-alone instruments in flexible configurations. This system is efficient and affordable for any size lab, and offers flexibility, versatility, and functional independence.

Siemens Healthcare Diagnostics
(914) 631-8000

Sed Rate Analyzer

Measures the sedimentation rate of erythrocytes

The ESR-Auto Plus® from Streck, Omaha, Neb, is a 10-position automated sed rate analyzer. The instrument accurately and precisely measures the sedimentation rate of erythrocytes in 1.2-mL ESR-vacuum tubes. The ESR-Auto Plus has a >98% correlation to manual modified Westergren method. Results are available in 30 minutes. The unit has a 15-minute prediction mode, built-in printer, and bar code scanner. It incorporates a quality control system for monitoring the lab’s quality control program. QC and patient data can be downloaded to a laboratory information system. ESR tube labeling sleeves provide an easy, low-cost method of positively identifying samples without interfering with the ESR-Auto Plus automated testing process. The sleeves are made from a thin, durable plastic; are designed specifically for Streck ESR-vacuum tubes; and allow for the application of secondary patient identification labels without obstructing the analysis process. Sleeves remain securely attached to the patient sample until removed.

(800) 843-0912

Primary Tube Handling

Preanalytics and real-time PCR diagnostic testing

Roche Diagnostics, Indianapolis, offers the cobas p 630 instrument, which unites primary tube handling with fully automated sample preparation, amplification, and detection for molecular diagnostics on the COBAS® AmpliPrep/COBAS TaqMan® system. The complete system provides molecular laboratories with a flexible and integrated solution for automated preanalytics and real-time PCR diagnostic testing. The cobas p 630 instrument helps labs enhance throughput for molecular virology tests, while protecting the integrity of the primary patient sample through full sample traceability and a dedicated preanalytical instrument. The system uses AMPLILINK 3.3 Series Software, a Windows® operating system-based application designed to deliver maximum flexibility, efficiency, and integrity to the lab’s workflow—from sample input through results output. A single cobas p 630 instrument can provide primary tube handling for up to three COBAS AmpliPrep and COBAS TaqMan systems.

Roche Diagnostics
(317) 521-2000

Preanalytical System

Solution for decapping, sorting, and archiving sample tubes

The cobas p 312 preanalytical system from Roche Diagnostics, Indianapolis, is a compact, stand-alone solution for decapping, sorting, and archiving of all sample tubes for the lab, including chemistry, immunoassay, hematology, coagulation, and urinalysis. The cobas p 312 is designed to help meet the needs of customers who are challenged with staffing issues, the capacity to accommodate growth, and the requirement to introduce a standardized front-end process to reduce preanalytical errors. The system combines superior sample management and increased workflow efficiency with a high density of functionality all on a footprint of 3 square feet.

Roche Diagnostics
(317) 521-2000

Fully Automated Prenalytical System

Designed to accommodate the needs of larger labs

The cobas p 612 from Roche Diagnostics, Indianapolis, is designed to run up to 1,000 primary tubes per hour. This stand-alone, fully automated system provides centrifugation, registration, sorting, decapping, aliquoting, recapping, and archiving of all sample tubes for the lab, including chemistry, immunoassay, hematology, coagulation, and urinalysis. Task Targeted Automation (TTA) from Roche offers both a high level of preanalytical automation for greater efficiency and the flexibility to customize based on the needs of the lab. The cobas p 612 preanalytical system is designed to accommodate the needs of larger labs using state-of-the-art technology to create custom sample-handling solutions that help improve workflow.

Roche Diagnostics
(317) 521-2000

Desktop Applicator

Label a variety of tube shapes and sizes

Computype, St Paul, Minn, in partnership with Nautilus, introduces the PR100i Tube Pro Print-and-Apply System, an advanced desktop applicator designed for challenging labeling requirements. With the ability to label a variety of tube shapes and sizes, the system offers precision placement and versatility in various types and sizes of labels and containers. It is a turnkey system designed for labs and other facilities where labels must be printed and wrapped around various tubes and vials. Simply place a tube or vial in a specially configured roller fixture, press a button, and the system prints the label, places it on the tube or vial, and wraps it perfectly around the container. Transitioning between different roller fixtures takes only seconds.

(800) 328-0852

Handling System

Increase the consistency of label placement

The SCI-PRINT VX2 from Computype, St Paul, Minn, is a fully automated vial handling system designed to increase the quality, accuracy, and consistency of label placement. The system includes rack tube labeling capabilities and bar code technology. Functions include vial labeling, uncapping and capping of screwtop lids, filling, and cherry picking. An optional 2D bar code reader can be used to identify Matrix and Micronic 2D vials prior to processing. In addition to the microtube format, the SCI-PRINT VX2 has been successfully adapted for use with a variety of other tube styles and sizes, including Vacutainer-sized tubes.

(800) 328-0852

Label Printer

Offers standard touchscreen interface

The EOS printer from Computype, St Paul, Minn, is a cost-effective solution for printing labels. The EOS offers a standard touchscreen interface, making it easy to call up existing labels, add data, and print on-demand, all without being connected to a computer. Complex labels can be stored in either the printer’s internal memory or a USB memory stick, and quickly recalled when needed by the user. All labels are automatically centered, and parts can be changed out in seconds. It comes in two model sizes (EOS1 and EOS4), both of which are available with either 200 or 300 dots per inch (dpi) resolution capabilities. The EOS4 can accommodate label rolls up to 8 inches, while the smaller EOS1 can handle rolls up to 6 inches.

(800) 328-0852

Hematology System

Operate nine analytical modules in a single system

The Sysmex XN-9000™ Hematology System from Sysmex America Inc, Mundelein, Ill—currently pending FDA 510(k) clearance—offers you the flexibility to adapt your automation line to meet your lab’s needs. The XN-9000 can operate up to nine analytical modules in a single system with various combinations of analyzers, slide preparation units, tube sorters, and HbA1c sample testing management. The line offers advanced integrated IT management with Sysmex WAM™ middleware, which enables multisite connectivity and systemwide rules for autovalidation rates greater than 85%. The fully automated system provides advanced clinical parameters, including NRBCs with every CBC, immature granulocytes with every Diff, RET-He within the reticulocyte profile, and an all-new fluorescent platelet channel for IPF to aid in the differential diagnosis of thrombocytopenia. Its compact design delivers a smaller footprint for increased physical productivity. Smaller reagent sizes and concentrated reagents simplify consumable inventory management.

Sysmex America Inc
(800) 379-7639

Hematology Analyzers

Two analyzers and a slide maker/stainer in a single benchtop sampler unit

The Sysmex® XN-Series Hematology Analyzers from Sysmex America Inc, Mundelein, Ill—currently pending FDA 510(k) clearance—provides labs with great flexibility. They are offered in several different configurations, one of which is the XN-3000. The XN-3000 includes two analyzers and a slide maker/stainer in a single benchtop sampler unit. As with the XN-1000™ and XN-2000™ instruments, the XN-3000 can also be configured as a floor-standing instrument with the optional wagons. It includes a seven-part CBC and Diff as well as advanced clinical parameters including RET-He within the reticulocyte profile and IPF in an all-new fluorescent channel, which can aid in the diagnosis of thrombocytopenia. The XN-3000 provides labs with the advantage of Sysmex automation in a compact design. Scalable options exist for autovalidation approaches with Sysmex WAM™ middleware.

Sysmex America Inc
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Automation Track System

Comprehensive hematology testing

The HST-N platform from Sysmex America Inc, Mundelein, Ill, integrates high-volume hematology testing and slide-making/staining onto a single, high-production, scalable, automation track system. Automatic, discrete routine hematology testing on the Sysmex XE-Series™ hematology analyzers provides high-quality results at throughputs designed to meet the needs of high-volume labs. The system provides comprehensive hematology testing including CBC, extended six-part WBC differential, reticulocyte panel, and body fluid cell counts. The XE-Series also provides advanced clinical information that assists physicians in clinical management of anemia (RET-He) and in the assessment of thrombopoiesis (IPF). The integrated slide maker/stainer, the Sysmex SP-1000i™, is the third-generation slide maker developed by the company. Blood smear preparation is automatic as a reflex order, producing consistently high-quality blood films. The complete solution from testing to smear preparation requires only a single EDTA tube, allowing labs and hospitals to meet their overall clinical, patient satisfaction, operational, and financial goals.

Sysmex America Inc
(800) 379-7639

Benchtop Laboratory System

Sample handling and efficient workflow management

iPAW from Beckman Coulter, Brea, Calif, is a flexible benchtop laboratory system that introduces automation to manual tube processing and tracking. Featuring a user-friendly touchscreen with integrated PC, bar code scanner, and label printer, iPAW provides sample handling and efficient workflow management. Sorting-Drive Plus is a client-server application that optimizes functionality of Beckman Coulter’s AutoMate 2500 family or iPAW system by translating test orders from the LIS into sorting commands based on the lab’s workflow definitions. Sorting-Drive’s customized, intelligent tube processing combined with AutoMate hardware provides the opportunity to program up to six independent workflow configurations and run them simultaneously. The application increases traceability with easy data collection and export, and provides access to graphical displays of complex statistical data for an at-a-glance overview of lab workload and specimen status.

Beckman Coulter
(800) 526-3821

Specimen Processing System

Uses robotic plate management and image analysis

WASPLab™ from Copan Diagnostics Inc, Murrieta, Calif, is a bar code-driven and conveyor-connected specimen processing system that uses robotic plate management and image analysis to automate specimen workup in microbiology. WASPLab uses WASP® as its core component for microbiology specimen processing, including planting and streaking, gram slide preparation, and enrichment broth inoculation. Then it uses a conveyor system to take the processed plates to smart incubators that assign a unique location to each plate for fast access. The image-acquisition stations scan plates that can later be analyzed remotely at the image analysis stations. Robotic workup and digital reporting reduce turnaround times.

Copan Diagnostics Inc
(800) 216-4016

Automated Biobanking Solution

Capacity to hold up to 95,000 0.5-mL tubes

TTP Labtech, Melbourn, UK, offers the arktic -80°C automated biobanking solution, providing high-capacity storage per cubic meter and a safe secure solution for biological sample storage. With the capacity to hold up to 95,000 0.5-mL tubes, the modular unit can still fit neatly into a small footprint, making it ideal for space-restricted labs with biobanking needs. By incorporating the company’s comPOUND® storage system, arktic offers automated sample retrieval and secure sample tracking with easy connection to database and Laboratory Information Management Systems (LIMS). arktic provides storage under nitrogen or dry air in a hermetically sealed environment, and the ability to cherry pick individual microtubes for delivery within 60 seconds, ensuring the integrity of valuable biological samples is maintained. The presorting of tubes within the -80°C environment allows complete sets, as well as individual tubes, to be delivered rapidly. Its modular units allow easy expansion and relocation as your biobank grows.

TTP Labtech
(617) 494-9794

Sample Transport and Management System

Links laboratories to existing analytical instrumentation

LAB2LAB from TTP LabTech, Melbourn, UK, is a laboratory sample transport and management system for linking labs to existing analytical instrumentation in order to optimize analysis times and maximize equipment usage. The system transfers samples from remote laboratories to existing HPLC, LCMS, GC/MS, UPLC, and NMR equipment, and allows unattended 24/7 operation to reduce sample queues, optimize instrument use, and increase the speed of data generation. It uses a proven system of low-pressure compressed air, in pipes running alongside other services, to connect scientists to instrumentation and deliver samples rapidly and securely all across a site. Each sample is issued a unique 2D bar code for traceability and has associated electronic instructions that detail the analytical methods to be used, letting LAB2LAB choose the most appropriate analytical instrument available. Analytical data can be returned direct to the user, appropriate data repository, ELN, and LIMS.

TTP Labtech
(617) 494-9794