For more reliable and reproducible western blot assay results, the BlotCycler Mini from Precision Biosystems, Mansfield, Mass, delivers a strong signal with low background.

Using existing western blot protocols and reagents, the BlotCycler Mini performs blocking, primary and secondary antibody binding, and washing steps in a rigidly precise fashion. Reproducible assay results are delivered repeatedly because fluid distribution, timing, and shaking are automated, removing errors and variations that are proven to occur with manual blot processing.

“Any researcher interested in getting reproducible western blot assay results has to stop processing blots manually,” says Russ Yukhananov, PhD, CEO of Precision Biosystems.

Reagents and antibody are added to the BlotCycler Mini’s tanks, and blots are placed in the trays. The system is equipped with two trays and can simultaneously process one to eight blots with two different primary and secondary antibodies.

The operator uses the touchscreen to program blocking time (from 10 minutes to 120 hours), washing steps, the addition of antibodies, and incubation time. Each step of the protocol is performed automatically with robotic precision—adding and draining reagents, agitating membranes, adding the antibodies, and washing the trays.

BlotCycler Mini works with new and established protocols, uses standard reagents, requires only 17.25 inches x 10.25 inches of bench space, and works with standard electrical power.

For more information, visit Precision Biosystems.