GoMeyra, a cloud software company dedicated to providing innovative, real-time software for the health care industry, launched a new telehealth platform – GoVirtual Clinic. This single-interface cloud-based solution allows labs, physicians or nurses to administer medical tests and consult with patients over a secure remote platform.

GoVirtual Clinic is a next-generation telehealth platform that includes a suite of solutions for medical professionals to conduct virtual patient appointments while comprehensively managing patient care and related electronic health records. Just released, the first phase of the platform features ways to seamlessly schedule and manage virtual testing appointments, order test kits, monitor online waiting rooms, conduct virtual appointments, and share test results with patients in real-time.

At-home testing is made easy through the GoVirtual Clinic, allowing patients to get tested on their own schedule without having to visit a medical office, or even leave their home. Patients simply schedule an appointment online, a testing kit is delivered to their door, and they log on for the scheduled appointment. A doctor or nurse will be on the other side of the computer screen showing exactly how to self-administer the test. Results will be revealed and recorded during the appointment, or the patient will mail the sample to a lab, depending on the test.

“Home testing is a growing part of health care services, and has become more accepted in recent years, especially as the pandemic helped to spotlight its convenience,” says GoMeyra Founder and Chief Executive Officer Jaswant S. Tony. “However, since most patients are not trained in sample collection, mistakes can easily be made. Our platform offers medical professionals a solution to this issue with virtual face-to-face counseling, providing a much safer method for at-home testing that helps to ensure patient samples are properly collected.”

According to a Deloitte Center for Health Solutions study, about a third to half of consumers are comfortable using at-home diagnostics for various medical conditions. There are a growing number of self-administered and self-collected tests that can be conducted remotely at home through the GoVirtual Clinic telehealth platform, saving countless hours for labs, doctors’ offices and patients.

Once the roll out of the GoVirtual Clinic is complete by the end of 2022, it will be the most comprehensive, cloud-based telehealth platform on the market for physicians and medical personnel. Future phases of GoVirtual Clinic will expand the platform’s capabilities beyond testing to allow providers the ability to virtually conduct a variety of routine appointments, as well as securely manage the lifecycle of patient care from one portal, including reviewing and updating medical history; ordering prescriptions, labs and imaging; accessing test results; coordinating insurance; handling billing, and more – all from one single-interface solution.

“After hearing many of the medical practitioners we work with complain about the state of technology available for telehealth needs, I decided that an all-in-one platform would be the next solution created by GoMeyra,” Tony says. “Our goal is to provide technology solutions for the health care industry that help make medical practices run smoothly, which is exactly why I started the company.”