photoThe water-free and catalyst-free way Gas Generating Systems are a control and generate optimal atmospheric environments for bacterial growth.
     The stackable rectangular jars allow for maximum utilization of incubator space. A variety of jar sizes allows the system to be conformed to workload. Jar sizes include 2, 12, and 42 standard plate configurations. Storage bags that hold two plates are also available for smaller workloads.
     The bag format is now available in a re-usable, double-zip, zip-lock bag with a zip-lock closure rather than a separate clip.
     The Pack-Anaero system generates an anaerobic environment by producing an approximate environment of 20% CO2 and 0.01% O2 in one hour or less. It provides a microaerophillic environment of approximately 14% CO2 and 6% O2, ideal for most Campylobacter species. Its enriched CO2 environment, produces approximately 5-6% CO2, which helps cultivate fastidious organisms such as Neisseria & Haemophilus. The Pouch-Keep reduces prepared culture media in the cultivation of anaerobic bacteria.
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