AlereAlere Inc, Waltham, Mass, has acquired Epocal Inc, Ottawa, a provider of technologies that support blood gas and electrolyte testing at the point of care.

“Through its unique combination of novel diagnostic parameters and wireless-enabled technology, Epocal has set new standards in helping health care practitioners in critical settings deliver better patient outcomes, all the while establishing clinical efficiencies,” says Ron Zwanziger, Alere’s CEO.

In 2011, Alere acquired distribution and customer support for Epocal’s epoc Blood Analysis System.

After working capital and other adjustments made at closing, Alere paid approximately $166 million cash to acquire Epocal. Additional payments of up to $75.5 million could be triggered if milestones linked to the delivery of additional product offerings on the Epocal platform are achieved.

[Source: Alere]