Clinical laboratories are responsible for storing temperature-sensitive patient specimens and reagents. To maintain their integrity, it is critical to ensure that these items are stored within the required temperature range.

i.Series products from Helmer Scientific, Noblesville, Ind, feature the i.C3 Information Center. The i.C3 supports clinical laboratory compliance by monitoring the temperature inside a laboratory refrigerator or freezer and activating alarms if the temperature rises or falls outside of the acceptable range.

The i.C3 also stores temperature data and an event log which can be downloaded via USB. The downloaded files provide records that help support compliance by showing consistency with specified storage requirements. 

Labs also need to show evidence of corrective action taken if acceptable temperature ranges are exceeded. The i.C3 event log includes event acknowledgement functionality which enables users to document corrective actions. Downloading the event log provides a record of the action taken.

For more information, including videos created to demonstrate the features of the i.C3 Information Center, visit Helmer Scientific