Chemistry-immuno analyzer

The AU680 chemistry-immuno analyzer—the newest addition to the line of laboratory analyzers from Olympus America Inc, Center Valley, Pa—features open-track sampling and accommodates many track systems. Designed to meet the testing needs of midsized labs, the equipment helps streamline laboratory workflow while providing standardization and reliability. Workflow is enhanced through an updated graphical user interface, increased onboard reagents (up to 63 tests), automated whole-blood sampling for HbA1c option, expedited sample repeat testing, reduced-sample volumes, streamlined calibration, and customized test sequencing. It offers a 125-test menu, throughput of up to 1,200 tests per hour, and flexible track connectivity. The system incorporates pediatric sampling, immediate stat processing, automated repeat and reflex testing, predilution, and operator training videos integrated into the system software. The 125 Olympus methods on its test menu include general chemistries, ISEs, special chemistries, thyroids, and Syva Emit TDMs and DATs.

Olympus America Inc
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Connection fittings

Diba Industries, Danbury, Conn, introduces a new product: Click-N-Seal connection fittings. The connection clicks when the correct torque is reached during tightening, preventing excess torque. The tactile and audible indicator allows hand tightening of fittings without tools or guesswork. Fittings may be unthreaded by turning backward, for reuse. Paired with the company’s flared tubing assemblies, Torque Right fittings produce a consistent fluid path and internal tubing diameter in many types of fluid lines, eliminating leaks, dead volumes, and carryover problems.

Diba Industries
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Acticlot dPT Test

Acticlot LA Complete Combination Kit

American Diagnostica Inc, Stamford, Conn, has recently introduced and obtained FDA 510(k) clearance for its new Acticlot dPT dilute prothrombin time assay and Acticlot LA Complete. Acticlot dPT is a fully integrated screening and confirmatory test system. The dPT Activator screening reagent contains a controlled formulation of lipidated recombinant tissue factor. The LA Phospholipids reagent, a formulation of phospholipids, is used in the confirmatory protocol. The same dPT Activator is used in the screening and confirmatory protocols that eliminate lot-to-lot matching of screen and confirmatory reagents. Heparin neutralizers eliminate interference by heparin in the plasma. Applications are available for commonly used automated coagulation analyzers, including those from Instrumentation Laboratory, Dade Behring, MLA, Diagnostica Stago, and Sysmex. LA Complete is a fully integrated dPT and dRVVT test system. Samples are screened for LA in one run using dPT Activator and the company’s DVVtest (dRVVT). Samples testing positive with either or both screening reagents can then be confirmed using the same LA Phospholipids reagent. In one instrument cycle, users can satisfy most of the ISTH guidelines for LA testing—multiple tests, different principles, and confirmation of phospholipid-dependence of a positive screen. LAtrol normal (ref 816N) and abnormal (ref 816A) quality control plasmas are available to support the products.

American Diagnostica Inc
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HerpeSelect Express HSV-2

Point-of-care serology test

Focus Diagnostics Inc, Cypress, Calif, introduces HerpeSelect Express HSV-2, a point-of-care serology test to aid in the diagnosis of herpes simplex type-2 in sexually active adults and pregnant women. The test is simple enough for use in clinics and other point-of-care settings where a rapid diagnosis can facilitate patient counseling, including treatment and lifestyle changes. It provides a result from a blood sample within 15 minutes. The test has received FDA 510k clearance, and is cleared for use in CLIA moderately complex laboratories. The company plans soon to apply for CLIA-waived status so the test can be used in less complex settings, such as physician’s offices. The prevalence of herpes has increased dramatically in the last 3 decades because it is often transmitted without the knowledge of the infected individual or the uninfected partner. Transmission occurs 70% of the time in the absence of symptoms, and symptoms are often misdiagnosed. More than 50 million people nationwide are infected, and 90% are unaware they have the disease. Recent studies have shown HSV-2 infected individuals are at increased risk of acquiring HIV, the virus that causes AIDS.

Focus Diagnostics Inc
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Sorvall RC3BP Plus


Thermo Fisher Scientific Inc, Waltham, Mass, introduces the new Sorvall RC3BP Plus low-speed centrifuge for blood banking, bioprocessing, and general sample-processing applications. An enhanced version of the Sorvall RC3BP centrifuge, it offers an improved operator interface, a new electronic lid-latching system, and a more powerful motor and refrigeration system to increase operational efficiency. The same rotor sets and protocols used on the prior model can be used with no changes needed. The unit processes a range of bags, bottles, and tubes at volumes up to 12 blood bags or 6 x 1L of sample. It features the accumulated centrifugal effect, which consistently reproduces the total centrifugal effect by compensating for variations between runs and instruments regardless of rotor load or acceleration. Blood banking and bioprocessing procedures adhere to a number of internal and agency-wide standards.

Thermo Fisher Scientific Inc
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