The UltraCW® automatic cell-washing system from HELMER offers advanced programming capabilities for reproducible results and user convenience. The electronic flow meter can be programmed in 0.1 mL increments, distributing the exact amount of saline into each tube for precise and consistent saline fills. In addition, up to four wash cycles, the spin time, and the rpm are user selectable. Multiple programs can be stored for repeated use.
     The touch-pad control panel with digital display includes process information, programming prompts, low saline and imbalance messages, as well as time and wash cycle status. One complete wash cycle can be performed in 66 seconds, achieving faster results with cycles completed in 18% less time than other cell washers. A singlespin cycle with automatic agitation is included for additional time savings.
     A 12-place rotor is standard with the unit. An optional 24-place rotor provides twice the cell-washing capabilities and allows antibody identification to be completed in one spin. Each rotor accepts either 10×75 mm or 12×75 mm standard tubes.
     The low-profile UltraCW has a brushless drive motor and a large chamber opening for easy access to samples. The clear window in the lid is used for observation and rpm calibration without interrupting the cycle.

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