photoIOTest Beta Mark is a cytometry research assay for quantitative analysis of the T-cell receptor (TCR) Vb repertoire of human T lymphocytes.
      Specifically developed to simplify and optimize T-cell repertoire analysis by flow cytometry, this product uses conjugated TCR Vb monoclonal antibodies that correspond to 24 different specificities, covering approximately 70 percent of normal human TCR Vb repertoire.
      The quantitative assay uses precalibrated antibodies to target the functional TCR Vb antigen. Analysis of T-cell subsets can be made using multiparametric analysis with additional PC5- and ECD-conjugated T-cell subset markers.
      This product also can be used in research studies for clonality assessment of T-cell leukemia, for lymphoid reconstitution after allogenic bone marrow transplantation, and for regulation of the CD4+ T-cell repertoire following anti-retroviral combination therapy in HIV disease. It can be used as a replacement for PCR-based techniques in these types of research studies.
       IOTest Beta Mark is for research use only.
Beckman Coulter
Keyword: cytometry, TCR