productThis company has introduced the Axioskop 2 plus and the Axioskop 2 MOT plus microscopes for clinical diagnostics and research.
     This generation of the Axioskop 2 focuses on critical applications in fluorescence imaging. The Axioskop 2 plus incorporates a patented Light Trap for brilliant fluorescence; Push&Click filter cubes for quick and precise positioning; and a five-position reflector turret for flexibility.
     The Light Trap system captures stray light, improving contrast and increasing detection sensitivity. The filtration housing of the fluorescence microscope draws in all unfiltered illumination that negatively impacts the signal-to-noise ratio of the fluorescence signal resulting in lower detection limits.
     Previously, the filter cube was held in place with two mechanical screws. The Push&Click cube mechanism negates the need for tools in cube exchange, giving flexibility in combining transmitted and reflected light methods.
     A third design change is the switch from a four- to a five-position fluorescence reflector turret with five pre-adjusted filter combinations. The combinations are mounted in cubes for protection and easy changing with the Push&Click mechanism. Exact registration of multichannel fluorescence images is guaranteed.
Carl Zeiss Inc.
Keyword: microscope, fluorescence