Millipore Corp offers a line of compact filtration accessories that includes the company’s titer plate shaker, Millivac™ maxi and mini vacuum pumps, Chibitan II personal centrifuge, and milli-stir stirring plate. These laboratory tools have small footprints and complement a range of filtration solutions.
     Compatible with Millipore’s MultiScreen® filter plates, the titer plate shaker regulates shaking speeds from 40 to 1,100 rpms. Easy to use and maintain, the Millivac maxi and mini vacuum pumps provide a consistent source of vacuum to filter large volumes and viscous solutions, as well as water and aqueous solutions. The lightweight Chibitan II personal centrifuge can process as many as six centrifugal tubes at once. And the Milli-Stir Stirring Plate mixes up to 800 mL of liquid at speeds from 15 to 1,500 rpm.

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