photoThe Madeira tasklight provides cool, glare-free illumination and an aluminized parabolic louver to help spread light evenly and direct it to areas that need illuminating.
     This feature helps prevent glare on VDT screens. A rotational ball joint, at the base of the head, allows the light to tilt a full 180º. The light uses an 18-watt quad PL lamp providing more than 10,000 hours of lamp life, 1100-lumen output and 4100K-color temperature. A variety of color temperatures are available for myriad medical applications.
     Three arm styles are offered. The single arm is for smaller work areas. The twin arms, for larger working areas, can be maneuvered from side-to-side when working on multiple tasks.
     Mounting options available include panel brackets that fit a variety of workstations, a table clamp and wall bracket.
Derungs Medical Lighting
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